Staying Positive


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a thank you to all those who are kindly responding

I am pretty sure I know what clingingtofaith is talking about and I think it is horrible that she is making this known to everyone. If you have a problem with someone, then block them. Don't go acting like a child and throwing the word predator around 10 TIMES in one post. You say you are an adult and yet the adult way to handle someone you don't like is to either ignore them or PM them to tell them personally. You asked what other people do to stay positive and the other person answered you honestly. it was blunt but if you want someone to dance around the topic and tell you what you want to hear then you should say it. You brought this upon yourself.

P.S.-Amy I LOVE your new signiture!!! At least on my computer it is a pug with a light saber right? I have a pug and I love the picture!!<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0"> Or else I have totally lost it if that isn't it.