sweating in the night


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Thanks for your post LL -

I often have my hands feel clammy while I am using my vest for airway clearance. In fact, at times it is really annoying. But I don't have it any other time. I never thought it would be related to CF. It just didn't occur to me. Perhaps my coughing stimulates my thyroid to produce the clammy feeling I get. Weird.


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Hi Simba -

Another possible cause may or may not apply to you, but I have CF and also take medicine for anxiety. My guess is there are many CFers who have anxiety or depression (and many of the same drugs are used for both). I found that some of the anxiety medicines are well known to cause night sweats. So if you are also taking a med like that, it could be your cause. I finally found a few medicines that controlled my anxiety without causing night sweats (Pristiq). Also, I found that I also often felt cold when I went to bed and really bundled up with heavy pajama pants and shirts. But I found by accident that wearing such heavy nightclothes was increasing my sweat problem. So I started wearing less at night and I still felt just as warm as when I bundled up. Don't know if this resonates with you or anyone else, but just a thought.


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CFRD can result in the body not regulating temperature well. Not sure if that applies to you, but just a thought.

Thank you for answering one of MY mysteries. For several years (4) I have been increasingly intolerant of heat, in particular being outside in the sun on a day 70°F or more. My doctors speculate that I just can't cool through sweating, or similar answers, but it doesn't fit.

If I sit down in the sun, or behind a shade, on a nice day, I will have a very high fever in 20 minutes or so. The magic number is around 103°F and I'm nauseous and dizzy, and headed inside. Despite my pancreas being declared "very dead" I am on the low end of prediabetic. My inability to keep cool in the sun may have been answered.



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I am 62 petite female ht 5'wt abt 102/105 yet I as well get night sweats, sometimes stripping off my top as it is stuck to me - hv had MAC since the late 90's only treated with the cocktail once - also colonize MERSA - Printer I never thought that the MAC could be the problem, thought more my age and hormonal, and in addition what ever new issue's popping up as I age and there are many, assoc. with different organs. I keep saying what is next? Last bone density test lost another 3/4pct. in spine and left hip. I was suppossed to follow up with a doctor for pre-osteoporosis - but I did not and said not another doctor I know that may be a foolish decision, I just have reached my limit on doctor's - issues - medications. I also cannot be out in the heat I get immediate headaches and nausea. The way I figure it out I only go out of the house 4-5 mts. a year. Living in NY I love the Spring and Fall but unfortunately those are usually my IV months as I tend to get infections with change of seasons. But I as well bound back like a rubber band, as the doctor refers, and I'm not sure why? I always try to keep a postive attitude which I feel has helped alot. Out of 4 children I was the only one dealt this deck of cards. Take Care - Be Well / Pat


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I too am one of four children and the only one with CF. Two younger siblings have passed with cancer, so maybe my deck is not so bad.

If you google MAC you will find that night sweats is a symptom.