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Which one is the bigger epidemic really? Teenagers having unwanted pregnancys or adults having unwanted pregnancys?

I kind of feel that adult unwanted pregnancy maybe a bigger problems then teenagers pregnancy. I think that grown people probably end up with more issue then teenagers do. DNA testing, alimony ect. I think that teenage pregnancy is more publized. Just because you're a "grown adult" doesn't mean you're any better off.



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Teenage pregnancies have actually gone down since MTV started airing 16 and pregnant.

I had my girls at 23 and 25 which was perfect for me. They are now 12 and 14. However, it was perfect because I had graduated from college, had an excellent job, married a wonderful man and was healthy. No age is ever right for everyone, but I can't see how a teenager will ever be ready for a child. A teenager should not be finished school. A college education is a must in my family. A teenager should not be married because marriage should only come after college. A teenager is almost never financially stable to support a child. Most importantly a teenage body is growing and cannot feed a teenage body and a child's body.

From a very young age my girls could explain the "proper" or as expected in our family.
1. Graduate high school
2. Graduate college
3. Get a good, stable job
4. Get married
5. Enjoy married life without kids
6. Have Children

Yes, it is possible to have a wonderful life without abiding to this order, but if you abide by this order it will be much easier to have a wonderful life.