Thankful Thursday 10/22


Super Moderator
Today I'm thankful for my artistic talent and all the art supplies I can afford to have. There is no such thing as too many art supplies! Pencils, pens, decorative tape, paper punches, stickers, stamps. You name it I probably have it. Recently, I've been too depressed or even awake to create something new. I feel even worse knowing that I'm "wasting" my talent and doing nothing. I bought an adult coloring book (surprisingly popular!) a few weeks ago which has helped release some negative energy. I have a new fascination with gel pens. I only have a few colors but I'm hoping to receive a colorful pack for Christmas. I'm so spoiled! Speaking of Christmas, only 63 more days!!

What are you thankful for today??


Amber: I LOVE your art!! and remember you are God's art supply! You have designed your life into something beautiful for us all to model after! Even your honesty in this blog is a gift! It is our "Duty of Delight" as Dorothy Day reminds us (I am reading her diaries).
I am praying the new website will be the gift we are looking for and you can keep busy designing and teaching us how to design jewelry and all kinds of surprises!
Salt and Light and love,