Thankful Thursday


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Welcome to my newest blog! Please join this weekly blog post with me.

Today I'm thankful for my husbands career. He is a Co-manager at a grocery store. He just received his yearly raise and it's the highest he's gotten so far! He is very dedicated and works hard. Just like any other job there are good days and bad days. He is often too hard on himself and I constantly remind him that he does the best he can. He deserves this and I'm very proud of him :)

I'm also thankful for my new Pen Pal, Cara from California. It's nice to meet new people you have a lot in common with that live on the other side of the US. I look forward to a lifelong friendship. I love writing letters, making art for others and exchanging small gifts. Receiving mail is just like being a kid on Christmas morning! :)

What are you thankful for this week?


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While I'm thankful that we finally received ds' Orkambi today, I'm especially thankful that he FINALLY learned how to ride a bike and earlier this summer mastered swimming underwater. With all the extra stuff (treatments, etc) it's hard to find the time. Last night he said he wanted to ride his new bike and I dug out my old mountain bike and off we went. Initially down the street, but he wanted to go farther and farther, so we took an extra long bike ride exploring our side of town. He's already planning his next excursion and wants to go on nightly rides with me and his dad. :)


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Amber, this is a lovely idea. It is so good to remember our gratitude. I try to give thanks each day for the wonderful things that have happened, the people I've meet and interacted with and the beautiful things I have seen. Right now it is somewhat more difficult as my mother passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was 92 and had only recently begun slipping. Last fall she was riding her 3 wheel adult trike all over the neighborhood and doing all the things she usually did -- volunteer at the women's club to help with our community shelter for children and women, survivors of domestic violence, the baby place that helps new mothers and so forth. My mother had a great deal of faith and she passed that along to us. I have the difficult task of going through her things (we lived together for the last 25 years) and I found several journals of her writings of spiritual/inspirational thoughts. Today I found this: she wrote, ""Good Morning, God! Whatever good is in store for today, count me in!" I used this to write an article for our women's club newsletter. So, I am thankful today for all that my mother has taught me, shown me by her unselfish, loving example, how to live and how to love. She has been my mother, my friend, and my muse. I am an author and she always has been there with ideas and her editing skills. I miss her and yet sometimes I feel that she is with me still. Thanks for letting me share. Donna (DMac, CF, 65 yrs old)


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Ratatosk- That is fantastic that he is so active! Anything to keep those lungs healthy! I have always been scared to try anything new. He sounds very excited to try new things. What a great quality to have.

dmac - I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. It sounds like she lived life to the fullest! Spiritual people are hard to find these days. She is definitely surrounding you. She has inspired me to pick up my journal and start writing again. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of her life. Much love and hugs (L)


I am thankful for this beautiful community....supportive and knowledgeable!
I love your new blog, have such a designer way about you...and so loving! I think your hubby is very lucky to have you as his supporter in chief...probably has something to do with the bonus....You BOTH deserve it!
Salt and Light,