Thanking LITTLELAB4CF for thanking us!


Why am I not surprised that LittleLab4CF would write us the best thank you note ever for our survey! LittleLab4CF was our 100th participant and he graciously received his $25 Amazon Gift Card!

'Thank you for the Gift Card! I NEVER win things by chance, but it's a wonderful gift. My hope is that Jeanne and her website is going to receive her just reward. She's not a CFer, which is lucky for all of us who are, because it has been a long, long haul. I couldn't do it and I believe that all people who fight this horrible wasting disease are similar in the ability to keep pressing forward. Thank You for your interest in, it is a fantastic forum and a captive (loyal) audience for the study of cystic fibrosis. -- David (Littlelab4CF)