Traveling to Disney with CF, Vest, and Portable O2 concentrator?


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Hi, Im 25 with a moderate/severe CF. Over the winter I got pretty sick, I was sick all winter long with a pretty bad infection and pneumonia. Before the winter I was only on supplemented O2 when I got sick/infection and at night when I was asleep. Anyway, long story short, now I require oxygen supplement all day long.
Now, as you guys know, we dont have a heads up with this kind of stuff so its become a ginormous problem because I have a trip to Disney World planned for October and Im more the panicking.
What my questions are: Are people still able to ride the rides with their portable O2 machine and what rides you aren't allowed to bring them on? Also, I will be renting a scooter, or EVC, how do you keep track of it when you go on the ride, where does it go while you are on the ride? If you have any other traveling advice to Disney please let me know! Thank you so much!!!



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Where are your saturations at? If you only recently switched to O2 use during the day you can probably get away with doing rides without O2. You'll be excited and breathing fast so your sats will more than likely be okay. Strange thing is in rest saturation tends to go lower than when moderately active or preparing for activity because the body signals to up the breathing and saturation tends to go up a bit.

Are you going with people? Someone can stay with the scooter or you can ask someone of the park to help you out. I think they are fairly helpful to those with disabilities. Also nowadays there's a million baby carriages left alone outside rides so a scooter is ofcourse no problem.

It'll all work itself out, ask people of the park for help that's why they are there, don't worry and have a great time!

Have not been to Disney USA so no advice but if Mickey were to come at me I'd definitely run, run for my life.


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I just got back from Disney World With my family. Although, I didn't need the scooter or the oxygen, there were people there using them. The Disney World people on the rides help you so much. They will direct you where to park your cart and will help you on. You can also give them a call and askills what they do.
Hope that helps.


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Disneys website does have a section on disabilities, so you could check that out. I did see people with portable oxygen, but didn't pay attention to whether they went on rides. Make sure you stop at guest assistance and get a disability access service card, it's like a fast past, you go to the attraction and they give you a return time to come back to fastpass line. Also, start reserving fast passes NOW, you get 3 a day, you can always change time or ride via an app on your phone, but some of the newer rides or more popular ones like 7 dwarves mine ride or toy story mania, they weren't available online when we went in January. Thank goodness for the das card cuz wait times were 70-120 minutes. Water is free at any of the eating establishments, just walk up to any counter and ask for a glass of ice water. You can leave meds and equipment at the first aid stations. Know some people like to stop and do a vest treatment, but our family prefers to not carry any bags. I sick enzymes and meds in my cargo shorts to avoid the bag search at the park entrances


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All great advice. You can't book Fast Passes until you are 60 days out if you are staying at a Disney Resort AND you have park tickets (30 days for those not staying on property). You can add your reservation and your ticket numbers to the My Disney Experience app. Once that's done, you can add dining reservations at 180 days out (now) and your 3 Fast Passes per day.

I hope you improve enough to be able to ride everything you want to!


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Sounds like great advice from all. I know Disney does lots with foundations like Make-A-Wish and similar groups so I would imagine they are pretty good about accommodating all kinds of medical needs. I'm sure there is a way to contact them through the disability page that Ratatosk mentioned and they could be helpful as well. Hope you have a great time!


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Years ago I also signed up with a Disney message board -- know there are several -- for tips on going to Disney. Disboards was one -- cover a wide range of topics -- trip reports, resorts on and off site, transportation from airport and from park to park, traveling with children, disabilities, what to pack.... I usually check those sites and find out if there are any issues or tips prior to travelling to Disney.