Trikafta and tendonitis


Has anyone been diagnosed with tendonitis since they started taking Trikafta? I now have it in 3 places and I'm curious if this is a side effect. My daily activities haven't changed since I started so not sure where this is coming from.


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I was just diagnosed with tendonitis in my elbow. I’ve been on Kalydeco for about a year, and am thinking its a side effect from that. My CF doctor said tendonitis is a common side effect from Cipro, which I’ve taken many times, but my guess is its from the Kalydeco.


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Interesting. I have had tendonitis (I believe) for about the past month. My right ankle and lower leg has been swollen almost continuously with severe pain in the tendons. I was on symdeko for two months prior to the trikafta with no issues, so I didn't think there was any sort of association. I wonder if it is the trikafta then.