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Hello everyone. I started this new school program which is 40 hours a week and 20 hours in driving and homework= total 60 hours. I am exhausted and am waking up at 5am every day. Last time my pfts were 76 percent and I could breath well. My pfts must be down about 5 percent because Im to the point where Im struggling to walk up a slight hill with a back pack. I don't even want to put food in my stomach because the extra weight is making it even more difficult to breath. Ive been coughing up blood as well. In the 30 years of me being alive, I have never struggled like this to breath. I have no choice to keep pushing forward with my schooling. Its my last chance to have a career and good paying job. You can not take take time off either. Im allowed 6 day in the year as sick days so Im saving them for when there is no choice. Does anyone have any natural suggestions to help me feel better? I am going to try to work out this weekend because that has always helped me. Im starting to get upset because Ive worked 6 years to get to this point and my body is starting to fail me. The struggling to breath is driving me nuts and I cant sleep at night now. I just want a break from this disease. To breath fully, not have to deal with coughing or coughing up blood and sugar lows. I am stating to get discouraged and I am wondering how I will ever be able to be prego in the future and carry a baby if I am having trouble now. I did the last 6 years to be able to support a family, to not live pay check to pay check and to be able to support my dream of having a child. I am just feeling really low right now. (BLOW)


I'm not sure where you're going to school, but see if your school has a program you can enlist in for people with disabilities. I was able to do that at Kent State University and it allowed me some flex room. I also got a closer parking spot and could park outside each building I had classes in. That was awesome and I didn't have to carry everything I needed all day. I was in and out of the hospital quite a bit and it wasn't held against me. Just some food for thought...


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Vent away! :)

I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. You schedule sounds really intense.

Would sleeping propped up help you at all? Do you have a way to check your oxygen saturation levels? Why are you struggling to breathe? Is there a way to talk to your doctor or get to clinic to check things out?

I hope you start feeling better!


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Sorry to hear that..10 hrs a day is too much
I suggest u too change ur way of studying if possible

I used to go clg 5 days a week and studied on jst sundays..When semster exam comes near i used to take 20 days leave..
I used to go clg late n used to bunk last 2 lectures...
If u r struggling to breath dat might b bcoz u r not doing treatment at nyt b4 sleeping and at morning b4 clg. U cn talk with school authority to relax some norms for you..there is always some way any legal method or by requesting higher authority.

universities hv power to relax attendance in special cases.


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coughfing blood is not good

Hemoptysis, or coughing up blood, is a
common CF complication. The condition varies
from streaks of blood in mucus to mouthfuls
of blood that are coughed up from
hemorrhage in the airway. Infection and
inflammation change the pulmonary blood
vessels, erode the airway blood vessel walls,
dilate the bronchial arteries, and form
abnormal connections between bronchial and
pulmonary arteries that bleed easily. Infections
increase the risk of hemoptysis, but they can
be treated with antibiotics. Minor hemoptysis
is common, occurring in up to 75 percent of
adults with CF. Major hemoptysis, defined as
more than 200 milliliters of blood (about the
volume of a can of soda), occurs much less
frequently, but requires immediate attention.
Medications, such as aspirin, that affect the
ability of the blood to clot should be avoided ..It means u need iv antibiotics as infection is high,it also means u r not able to clean up lung..Do your doc..
After having iv injection infection will decrease n u will feel better