Vitamin D deficiency

I am wondering whether anyone uses a UVB lamp (sun lamps, sometimes also used to treat seasonal affective disorder) to increase Vitamin D levels? If not, what did you do to successfully increase your levels? I already take water soluble forms of Vitamin D and now also have a prescription for 50,000IUs per week.


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I tried the 50,000 IU approach a few times with no success. I was down at 27 and got it up to 35 with a whole food mineral supplement that I now take every day. Watch this video to learn about the product.
It's helped me not get a cold this whole Fall (first time in 10 years), increased energy, fixed vit d definiciency, lowered blood glucose and leveled mood/stress level. It's not the supplement that is the miracle, it is our bodies, with the right nutrition can correct or prevent problems in the first place. We absorb 95% of liquid supplements where we only absorb 10-20% from pills. I believe our cf population is even more minerally deficient than the reported mineral deficient general population.

I'm a huge fan. So much so that I decided to start promoting it. For every referrel who buys it through me I get a 'thank you' check. I have sample bottles too I can mail if you are interested in trying it. Of course, trying it would only be for flavor not to see if it does anything for you. It has a 90 day money back guarantee so I suggest people give it a test run and see what it does for you. PM me for more info!


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I just take my 'script as directed. It is 50,000 units & I take it twice weekly.
Since I've already had melanoma, I really don't want to subject myself to any lamp. I don't have a clue if the lamp you mentioned can cause skin cancer, I'm not in any hurry to find out.
I'd like to know why it is we 'CF'er's' suffer from Vit. D deficiency so frequently. I've been plagued with this all my life.
Is it due to the malabsorption issues?


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Yes, it is due to malabsorbtion issues...especially the fat soluble vitamins, ADEand K. Personally, I take supplements but I also use a tanning bed every week to get some "sun". I just feel so much better as a whole after each session. My joints don't hurt as much and I seem to have more energy, so for me, the tanning booth appears to have benefit.

Jenn 40 wCF


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Please be careful with the tanning booths: you can contract melanoma by too much exposure. If you just use a bit of common sense you should be OK. Good luck...
Thank you for your replies, I did not log in again until now! My Vitamin D level was 16 and then I began taking the prescription supplements. 4 months later my Vitamin D level is 13 (this seems dangerously low), so obviously I am looking into anything that could possibly help (even if there are small risks). From what I have read, research/advice goes both ways on UVB therapy. Some research has shown people with CF, since we cant absorb vitamin D well through food/pill form, benefit from sun lamps. Others warn against any sort of tanning because of the obvious risk of melanoma and other UVA/B related problems.

Jenn: For how long do you use UVA/B tanning lamps each week? I am going twice a week for 5 minutes each time to start. I think you only need low levels of exposure and I am not looking to actually get a tan.


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I've lived in sunny AZ my entire life and my D levels can still be low (everything else is fine though), so I'm not too sure how well a lamp will help you, but it can't hurt. It will at least help with your mood if anything. Meds might be the only way for us.


I have the same issue. Didn't realize it was so common. This was first brought to my attention after surgery so I thought that had something to do with it. Despite taking 2,000 IU daily my level is still low so I am now taking 50,000 once a week.


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I take 5,000 units daily every morning with my breakfast. My last vitamin D level was just right. I absorb the D only if I take it with a full meal and with my enzymes.