What to do for stay at home work?

I love to teach but it's hard when I'm sick. I don't like to be around preschool age kids and get really tired. I am curious to know what kind of stay at home work there is that I can do without getting scammed or spend an x amount of money.


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I am a ViSalus promoter and make commissions. This biz is not for most people, so you decide if it is for you. But here is the cool thing. You can kind of try before becoming a promoter to see if you can make money in this biz. Don't join as a promoter because that will cost you $500. Become a customer and use the protein shakes. Get 3 people to buy the same shake kit or larger than you buy, then yours will be free. That is how I got started. I only had to buy my shake kit the 1st month. After that is was free. And these protein shakes are the best on the market. In addition to the protein, they have other vitamins and minerals and enzymes to aid in digestion (very important for us CF Warriors).

I have been doing what I call my power shakes for years. I switched my protein powder to Visalus because of the product. Then I got others to use the product. Most people buy the shakes and other products for building lean muscle mass or for weight loss. But for CF it is more for nutrition and maintaining weight. Any time I feel the kind of hungry that lets me know I am not getting enough good nutrition, i make a shake. or mix the powder with milk and pour over cereal. the basic powder tastes like cake mix or vanilla ice cream. but there are lots of options/recipes I can share later if you want to know more.

take a look at this site: http://garirocks.myvi.net, and in particular check out the "3 for Free" tab.

you can msg me direct at my email angelo@angleodistefano.com if you want to know more.


I used to be an English tutor for Smarthinking, which is an online tutoring company that serves a lot of colleges and universities. It was okay as far as workload, but after I had a kid it became too much for me.


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Hi Iamqueenofeverything,

I was a part time engineer, but managing treatments and my work for my son became too much. I started a side business for fun, now I am learning that it will replace that income and actually be more than I was making. I am really grateful and excited for it.