when do we stop helping


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it must frustrate the hell out of everyone trying to help. maybe his spiritual healing lay elsewhere and not with Christianity... seems to me he has been given only one option for help. there are many many different types of "spiritual" faith, just because someone believes the bibles contents is God's word does not make it truth. "something does not need to be truth for people to believe in it". i have witnessed many people force fed Christianity as a way to turn their life around only to become fattened with false teaching then fleeced of their money weekly all in the name of God. people are suffering terribly all over this globe daily, needing water, food and clothing to name three essentials to life yet christian nations continue to exploit these nations. the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer no doubt. religion sucks sooo much money out of people. take a look at the bigger picture, where do you see youself?, suffering with no food or water for your little children, or with enormous wealth in comparison with the needy? now ask yourself what your Jesus message was all about... remove your blinkers and truly look. Jesus message was simple, Constantine and his canon made it complicated. the bible is no more the creators word than the korans. cheers Blacky