Who are you in a nut shell


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Hey Dawn again just realized I left out a bit of useful info...I'm a girl and also have CFRD. Sorry for the minor brain lapse guys


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My name is regina
I am female and 44 and 5' 4"
I live in Searcy, Arkansas
I have cf
I weigh 129
I had to quit work in jan/2009
I have 2 daughters (23&16) no/cf
I have one grandson (2 yrs old) no cf
I have 2 brothers ( one is healthy 41 yrs old )( one has m.s. 40 yrs old )
I have a sister died nov.26th 2008 w/cf she was 25
I have b cenocepacia, b cepacia complex, mrsa , gerds, hypothroidism, pancreatic insufficent, but hey im still here!!!!!!!!!!!
I love all kinds of food , but my favorite is mexican ,have a big sweet tooth (hope i never get diabetes)
I have no college ,but was a seamstress (mom has a alteration business)
I dont know what my mutation is .(but finding out)
I have very sweet husband
I like to play cards on the computer, and with others and watch lifetime tv channel
I have a very good pulmonologist at the cf clinic
I hate putting things off for later (housework, honey do jobs ,)
I want to get things done now (yesterday)
My kids say i am ocd about certain things
It really pesses me off when people come to my house when they are sick.
My fev 1 is 46
I love music (acdc, aerosmith, def leopard, etc)
I was doing above average until i got cepacia
I stay at home a lot in the winter months to avoid the bugs.
We have a dog (great dane) and a cat
I haven't traveled a lot but would like to.
I love to cook ( my husband has gained 30 lbs since we met)
Well that's pretty much it .
Just hope to live long enough to enjoy all my grandchildren



My name is Michael
I am a guy
I'm 23
I live in NC
I was diagnosed at 5 weeks-Failure to thrive
I weigh about 120 and I am about 5'7"
My PFT's are low 80's on a good day
I don't have any kids
I was doing landscaping and framing for a while, but am currently on Disability
I love Soccer, played it for about 10 years as a kid
I am easy going love to have fun
I am single
Love to snowboard
I love to have fun and laugh
I love to eat steak and potatoes lol


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I'm Matt
I'm a boy
I'm 19 years old.
Height: 6'0" Weight:136
I was diagnosed w/CF around 2 months old when I was hospitalized for Pyloric Stenosis
Raised in Wilmington, NC
I go to Duke University and am seeking a BS in Political Science and Economics
I want to go into investment banking (or trading [As shown by my signature lol])
I have a black lab mix named Marley (a girl)
I wish I liked exercise more, but I'm really tired all the time
I suffer from a low grade of depression (SAM-e is amazing for this- try it!)


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Hey Everyone! I know a lot of you from myspace, facebook and blogger, but just joined this site. Here's my info:

My name is Nicole.
I am 25.
I was diagnosed with CF at 2 and CFRD at 13.
I have one DF508 gene and one unknown.
I've been married for 3 years.
My husband Rob is in the Army.
We are both from NY, currently stationed in NC and soon to be in GA.
I love cooking and traveling.
We have a rottie named Brooklyn who is our baby.
We have been trying for a REAL baby for over a year.


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I'm Jackie
I'm a girl
I'm 21 years old.
I'm married
I don't have any kids (yet)
Height: 5'6" Weight:170- ish
I was diagnosed w/CF when I was 2.
I was born, raised and still live in Midcoast Maine.
I go to Universtiy of Maine and am seeking a BS in Business Admin. Concentrating in Financial Services
I want to become a bank auditor/examiner.
I work at a local bank in the loan department
I have two cats with a total of 7 legs and an oversized Lhasa Apso with a sever underbite.
My PFT's are in the mid 90's
I'm pancreatic sufficent
My two favorite things to do are sleeping and spending time with my family.


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Hi I'm Sarah,
I'm 30
I live in Ireland (never have guessed by the username!)
I was dx at 3 1/2 because of bad bowel movements, only for my parents pushing for a reason gods knows when I'd have been diagnosed.
My pft's are in the 70's at the moment.
I've cfrd - blood clot in my left eye as a result so practically no vision there.
I've a hernia (just diagnosed but i think it's common enough)
I've a port (which I resisted, but now I couldn't be without!)
I'm 5" and weigh 103 lbs
I'm married
I've 2 dogs
I love holidays and weekends away.
I've just gone down to a 3 day work week and i'm loving it!!

looking forward to getting to know you all!


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I am Ken
I am 44 years old w/cf
I am in very good health (never in hospital)
I eat very healthy
I exercise quite often
I have been married 9 years tomorrow (Oct. 21st)
My wife and I have a 6 year old son
I live in suburban Dayton, Ohio
I love outdoor activities like Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, working in the yard, etc...
I have a 41 year old brother w/cf in great health also
That's it.....for now


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I am 37 and am female.
I have CF, CFRD, asthma, chronic pancreatitis, and a host of GI issues.
I have been married to a wonderful man for 1/3 of my life.
We have a kitty and a lovebird who are like our babies.
I enjoy writing and Sudoku, and do pilates when I can. It's been a bad year health wise so I haven't done a lot of anything else lately.
I am the only person in my family to be diagnosed with CF. And that's out of four siblings and almost 50 first cousins.
I was diagnosed at 1 year of age.
I stopped working a number of years ago due to frequent exacerbations (and hence absences) due to my lungs and GI system.
My pfts have been as low as 46& and as high as 106%. I'm somewhere in the middle at the moment.
I have had blood clots in both arms due to my last two PICC lines.
Though things are rarely easy, I am thankful for the many blessings I do have in my life.


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I am Melony
I am 40 years old and was born in Michigan
I was born into a very Greek heritage
The first 3 years of my life I spent crying a lot from the pain in my tummy. My parents took me from doctor to doctor. One doc told them I was allergic to ketchup; another doc cauterized my intestines. The youngest doc I saw told my mom I needed a sweat test.
I was diagnosed at 3
We moved to Florida, soon after diagnosis, because they told my parents it would be easier on me if I was in a warm climate.
The docs also told my parents I would not likely live longer than 10 years.
Enzymes saved my life.
I grew up swimming nearly every day it was warm enough to swim.
My sister always stood up for me - in those tough childhood years, she was my protector.
I grew up hearing "cough it up" all the time. Although I rarely had anything to cough up...
I also grew up with "take your vitamins & did you take your enzymes?"
My parents raised me to be determined, strong and accepting.
My parents sheltered me with their wings and taught me how to fly.
I loved music since I was a baby.
I learned to sing.
Singing became a therapy for my lungs and my spirit.
I studied music therapy in college - voice was my principle instrument - I am a lyric soprano.
Singing affects my CF and CF affects my singing.... I constantly learn from both.
I love singing classical music most.
I graduated with a degree in music therapy and became a board certified music therapist.
I was a practicing music therapist for 16 years ... I used music as a tool to help others for improved health and well being. I worked in a pediatric hospital most of my career.
I was married to my best friend and love of my life in 2000. We had a big fat Greek wedding!
My husband is both my rock & my pillow
I choose my physicians carefully ... and I think they are given by the grace from up above
I have had Cf "arthritis" since I was a teen...now my rheumatologist calls it arthralgia - it is the most painful aspect of my CF.
I have had numerous sinus surgeries - not sure how beneficial they really were in the long run.
I had knee surgery when I was 11 &
I had a hip tumor removed when I was 17
I was diagnosed with CFRD in 2008 - I believe it is one of the worst aspects of CF
I was recently diagnosed with a rare papilledema and choroidal neovascularization in my right eye. I had surgery on my optic nerve. But, my eyesight is bizarre and seems to worsen day by day.
I am now "retired" at 40, and spend so much of my day just doing treatments and eating!
I garden, bake, knit, sing, practice restorative yoga, swim, walk the beach, read, love being outside. Did I say I Love to eat??
I am a proud Aunt.

Above all these things I am a child of God.... this life is both a struggle and a gift.


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- My name is Carla
- I'm 27 yrs old
- I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
- Dx at age 3 because my sister was diagnosed (she was 2 at the time) so they automatically tested me
- Fev1 at around 30%
- Met with the transplant team but I have not been listed as of yet, too early although I'm on the cusp
- I'm off work right now and it's hard on me mentally and emotionally (I don't know if anyone else experienes that)
- I don't have any kids, I think it would be too risky health wise but I am married. This is also hard emotionally (the not having kids not the marriage ;)) but I have a great husband who understands
- I love the heat even though it sucks to breath in
- I have 2 cats a one dog
- Favorite shows include Heroes, Rescue Me, Californication and True Blood


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Hey there!
My name is Tim and I'm 32 years old.
I was dx'ed at a year because I was showing signs of dehydration.
I grew up not knowing I had CF because my parents wanted me to be "normal".
I was lucky...having never missed a day of school in my life---all the way through college.
I have lived a normal life for most of my life.
I got my BS degree in Psychology and became a personal trainer.
I won my state bodybuilding title in 2003 and qualified for the nationals.
I married Beth on Sept. 2, 2006--the best thing to ever happen to me.
3 cycles of IVF gave us the most beautiful gift, a son we named Timmy.
At about 25 years old, my CF started to slow me down.
In early 2009, my doc suggested I get evaluated for a TX with an FEV1 at 28.
I got my second chance on 11-10-09 at NY Presbyterian Hospital.
My goal in 2010 is to run in the NYC marathon.

I left out a bunch of stuff....but we've all been there.

To all my fellow CFers out there...KEEP FIGHTING!!!


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Hi my name is Robin
I'm mom to 8mth twins Jaxon & Clara
Clara is a carrier
Jaxon has cf dx @ 3mths
Stay at home mom
Married for 9 yrs
I'm carrier of DF508
Husband's mutation hasn't been found
Love animals
Like to read
Live in Ontario Canada
I love this site! Everyone has been so helpful!


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Hello! My name is William Fleming

I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at age 14

I have a fairly mild case of Cystic Fibrosis with an FEV1 that floats around 85%

I am currently 22 yrs old.

I live in Denton, TX attending the University of North Texas.

I signed up with this community years ago but have never actively participated.

I realize that the more support I have the better off I will be and I am interested in joining
this community!


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My name is Peter.
I'm a guy.
I'm 27.
I live in Vancouver, BC.
I was diagnosed at 13 years old.
I'm 6'4" and currently around 170 lbs.
I just got out of the hospital 2 days ago.
Upon release my PFTs were around: FEV1 55% and FVC 75%.
I have an undergrad in Civil Engineering.
I am an Engineer in Training for a consulting firm.
I married in 2008 (no kids).
I am the youngest of three. We all have CF.
I love sports (especially hockey and football).
Both watching them and playing whenever possible.
I'm told I have a dry sense of humor.
And peanut butter is awesome, can't forget that.


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My name is Scott Warren
I'm male
I'm 25
I live in Roseburg Oregon
I was Dx at 9 months. I was 6 lbs eating every two hours and losing a ounce a day.
My pft's are about 75-80
I'm 5'9'' and weigh about 135. I have always had a problem with weigh gain. I have a feeding tube sense I was 15
I'm just about to ask my beautiful girl friend to marry me. I plan to do it next Tuesday.
Ive gone Skydiving, Rock Climbing, Surfing, do lots of hunting every year.
Life is to short to live it on the side lines. Get out in the Game and enjoy life. It might be short but it is the longest thing you will ever do


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Well, I guess I'll give in and give away my name even though its the internet ;)



Diagnosed at birth

Only one in family currently and history that is known (possible mother's father might have had it)

dog person first, animal person next

dating boyfriend for over 5 years

we got a 3 month old Akita last March, his name is Sebby, he is in obedience classes and the biggest lover.

I got my first picc line my junior year of high school

first lung exacerbation hospitalization at 19

I got my port on my birthday in september 2009

I live 4-ish hours away from my CF clinic, its even in a different state

Im planning to "elope" in the new year (as long as all the medical stuff is covered)

I am afraid of water and outer space

I have drank about 8 bottles of 64 oz clamato in 2/3 days before, but I try to limit myself b/c its expensive

I am slowly getting my civil engineering degree (4 classes left)

My parents are RIDICULOUSLY helpful and supportive.... I feel like they gave and give up a lot to make sure I am happy, meaning they let me live 2 1/2 hours away to go to college and be with my boyfriend and friends instead of forcing me to live at home in a bubble and possible go to the community college.

I love laughing and really good friends


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Fof those of u that don't konw me...

My name is - Joshua A. Benjamin
Diagnosed - at birth 4 surgeries had mycombim iliues, after birth to correct gastrointestional problems...and apendacitice

Since then- I have had roughly 15 or so surgeries...not including bronchs or endo'l/colon's...been about 30 if we go that route.

I am married to a wonderful woman named
Shannon M. Armstrong-Benjamin for 3 1/2 years NO CF
we have 2 children and a dog
the children are Iris 7 NO CF
Zander 1 NO CF
DOG Benny benji Benjamin 3 in may
We live in Upstate NY in a small town just outside Ithaca
better known for Cornell University and Ithaca College

I am 1 of 8 children 2 of us have cf and I haven't lived at 'home' since I was about 17. I left in part because of my mom, and the way she is raising my sister who has cf.
want to know anything else...contact me at
or jbenjamin152 at hotmail.com my shift key is still broke


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My name is Grace
I'm a girl
I'm 21
I live in SC, born and raised
mutation df508
weigh about 120 on a good day, about 5ft5
I am a senior in college
I am double majoring in Chemistry and Biology with a concentration in Forensic Science.
I have a wonderful boyfriend, Chris.
I have 3 children, they are all four-legged.
Bogart (cat), Lucy (dog), Truman (dog).
I have two older brothers without CF.
I had another brother who was a year older than me who died when he was 15 after a long battle with CF. We are the only two anywhere in the family with the disease.
I'm not sure what I want to do with my life yet, I obviously love science and have a pretty good background in the medical field as I'm sure we all do.
I love music.
I love animals.
I love reading.
My parents are wonderful. They are both high school teachers and my dad is a coach.
So naturally I love sports as well.
My boyfriend is trying to get me into soccer....it's tough.
I joined this website to meet more CF people and get advice, opinions, and just to relate to someone who knows what I'm going through!!


I've been on here for awhile now but for those that don't know me here it goes.
Name's Chris,
I'm 17 but in July I'll hit the big 18.
I'm living in New Mexico, but hopefully soon it'll be Arkansas.
Originally from Kansas, miss the farm life.
So far in my life I've had one hell of a story,
My parents were drug addicts that didn't care about me so I live with my grandparents who have raised since I was about two years old.
I was diagnosed with CF the first hour I was born,
If it wasn't for the rest of my family especially my great grandmother I'd probably not be writing these words since my parents didn't give a care if I lived or died.
When I was just 7 I had serious anger issues against my real parents that lead to me showing it through distruction of alot of things, but thankfully now I've learned to channel my anger through writing which I've actually made it beautiful poetry, and amazing fictional stories.
I'm hoping to become a director or producer of movies when I go to college and make my life story into a movie.
I love all kinds of animals, mostly dogs. I use to have a labrodor named Moppy, and a cat named Abbynormal cause she acted just like a dog all the time.
I guess that pretty much puts most of my life in a few paragraphs, but I know it's longer than that lol