Why don't you buy this? (I'm not a sales rep)


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I'm a patient who is frustrated with how long it takes to nebulize (see my other thread). Is it just me or are nebulizers generally lame? We all use the Trio or eFlow but it clogs and before you know it you're back to 30+ minutes of nebbing.

How many of you are using heady duty compressors like the DeVibiss?


I'm NOT a sales rep for these people, I promise!


My treatment takes 1 1/2 hrs with the vest . I have a omron updraft machine.


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I bought the EasyAir Compressor made by Precision Medical about a month ago - http://www.precisionmedical.com/homecare/air-compressors/pm15-easyair-compressor

So far I love it! Cuts treatment times in half for me (~60min to ~30min). For its size it's not too loud. Obviously not very portable, but I have a small Pari portable neb for that. I am interested to see how long it lasts, most nebs I have recently had die within a year. As far as cost, I got a refurbished version for $250 - typically these run $600-$700 from what I've seen.


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We use a mobilaire with 30 psi setting for pulmozyme and albuterol/atrovent. any higher and the tubing pops off. Takes about 20-25 minutes total while ds is vesting for 30 minutes. With Tobi, the psi is turned down to 25-26 and takes about 20 minutes.


I remember using big heavy metal compressors when I was a kid. Those things hurt when you stubbed your toe... the link you sent reminds me of them.

The CF Services pharmacy claims to have a cleaning solution that improves the long term performance of the erapid/altera handsets. I am hoping that using that keeps treatment times down. Otherwise, I will be buying new handsets all the time. It is worth it.


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I've always hated the time I've had to waste on a nebulizer. Pre-trans I was spending1-1/2 hrs. twice a day on a nebulizer. I was pretty disappointed to find out that post-trans I STILL spend around 30 min. a day on the neb. I guesss that's just what we have to do.