Yoga good


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I just started doing yoga and I love it! It stretches you out and gets you breathing deep and regular. I feel so good after I get done with a session that I want to do it again! I highly recommend it to anyone!



Yoga postures help increase body awareness, it can challenge your strength.and also there are many benefit of yoga for best health.


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My son 23 w cf started a few months back didn't think he would like it but he really digs it! Yae one for mom, he like all the stretching and he is working on what he calls the CF slouch, the fish pose is my favorite for us because it helps to increase lung capacity! Always working on the Pfts he also runs and yoga even helps with that :)


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free on line Yoga classes

Yoga is good for all I think thanks for sharing! Are there any free videos on youtube for beginners about yoga
sweetninis there is an excellent cite called by David Procyshyn he is great. the video classes are excellent with a very range to choose from and they are all free! my son has increased his lung function which is a big deal but also his range of motion and [FONT=Noto Sans, Arial, sans-serif]stamina for running. this is an excellent cite hope you check it out and enjoy. [/FONT]:eek::eek:


Yoga is an effective workout for the health and fitness. It recovers us from various diseases such as blood pressure, heart stroke, diabetes, obesity, stress, depression, and anxiety and plays an important role to improve our physical fitness, body strength and stamina.


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If anybody is benefitting from Yoga at a fitness and wellbeing standpoint might want to delve a little deeper into metaphysical Yoga. A little like meditating during postures or routines, a person can "think" a lot of issues into a better state. Blood pressure, blood sugar or a lingering pain may be improved where nothing else works. It isn't magic and it isn't hype. There seems to be a good return for the work/pleasure put into it.