Amber is twenty-six years old. She currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband of two years. She spends her time writing for her blog, which features inspirational stories, as well as, interviews, book reviews, giveaways and occasional craft projects. She encourages others to reach their full potential with a positive attitude. Her hobbies include, reading with a cup of tea, shopping, writing, attending church, and watching her favorite TV shows.

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Art's and Crafts, reading, watching TV, attending Church, shopping, Posting on Social Media


AMBER 26yrs CF (Double F508DEL) Married
CFRD, Double Lung TX 3-13-07, Kidney TX 7-2-07
G-Tube, insulin pump, & cochlear implants

Amber's Blog- A Creative Newmie

God is within her, she will not fall -Psalm 46:5