I have CF. I have two brothers (without cf). I got married on April 4, 2003 to my high school sweetheart. I was waiting for new lungs for two years, until August 2010 I went into a coma for a month. When I woke up, I flew in a hospital helicopter to Duke Hospital to get in the waiting list. On Sept. 24, 2010 I got the call. The surgery was 10 hours, and my surgery was done on Sept. 25. The surgery had some complications, my new lungs are great, but I had a stroke in the surgery. I had aphasia and apraxia. Two days after the surgery, I had a seizure. My doctors, nurses, my speech therapist, my husband, my family, and friends have helping me so much.

Animals, Crochet, Music, playing World of Warcraft :)