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    Mobilaire 50 PSI compressor

    I have the Precision Medical Easy Aire which is a 50 psi and it’s a workhorse. I’ve had it for several years now without any problem. I’ve never owned a Mobilaire so I can’t compare but it seems they are very similar.
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    Hi Ryarnell. Welcome. We’re glad you found us. You will find a wealth of information on our site and a large group of helpful people. Feel free to search the forums with questions you may have or as always enter a new post. I admit to some confusion regarding your circumstances. The more...
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    Allergies and Nasal Polyps 9 year old daughter

    She may well have nasal polyps and a sinus infection which tends to occur when polyps are an issue. Have you seen and ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) doc? She may need surgery to remove the polyps or otherwise clear out her sinuses. In the meantime, we occasionally find the need for Mucinex which...
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    Class trip

    We all constantly try to balance safety with fun - whether you have CF or not. Some things are just outside our risk tolerance - CF or not. It’s just that more things are risky for a CFer. Caves are one of them - clearly a greater risk for a CFer. Here’s some articles you might want to review...
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    Been AWOL but need some 50 PSI Compressor advise

    AWOL here too! I've watched but haven't chimed in much as I navigate the co-morbidity of dyslexia and ADHD with my CFer. Interesting connections arising . . . . But we have a Precision Medical Easy Air that has worked very well for several years now. Not sure if they are still around, but...
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    Fabric antibacterial mask recommendations

    If the appearance of the standard surgical masks bother you or your child, the best solution I know is to wear a decorative mask over it - such as the Vog mask. I have also brought colored sharpies to Clinic and drawn my own design on the standard issue! Bringing a little fun to Clinic ...
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    Now that summer is here

    Lots of questions raised for me Veggie. How did they get from POTS to CF? How does the exercise intolerance and inability to regulate body temp manifest? I don't know much about POTS but I thought it was primarily an abnormal increase in heart rate when standing up. We'd love to hear more...
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    Welcome Tamika CF Nurse!

    Welcome Tamika! It's so good to have you! By clicking on your link, I've already found information I never had before today - the HealthWell Foundation that provides grants up to $15,000 for assistance with medical expenses. So good to know! I look forward to your posts. Blessings
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    Now that summer is here

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    Now that summer is here

    Hi Jake S. Thanks for your input - I find it interesting that you suggest Gatorade is not good for hydration issues. Can you point us to any research? There are an lot of people in our community who rely on Gatorade at least in part for hydration! I have no doubt that coconut water would be...
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    Vote For Me for Rare Diseases Art Contest!

    The link did work for me. This is what I received: The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.
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    After 1879 hours DS' Vest is Kaput

    Thanks Ratatosk. I was just being curious. I get the impression that Hill Rom's are the most common vest. We have the Respirtech InCourage models but we've only had two during the 10 years we've had a vest. I suspect their all have their foibles and yes, when ours was replaced it was...
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    Now that summer is here

    That intense tiredness really does sound like dehydration. We use Gatorade, Gatorade, Gatorade! Like 6 or 8 bottles a day. I always make him prepare too by drinking a couple before he even goes out to do anything. But there was one occasion in particular that mine son had thrown up a couple...
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    After 1879 hours DS' Vest is Kaput

    So glad you received your replacement Ratatosk! Which vest do you use? It just seems like it didn't last very lone and I'm wondering how long our old workhorse will last!
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    questions on travelling

    You can take any equipment you need on a plane. We usually pack all the meds and the machines - Nebulizers compressor and vest - in bags separate from the rest of our luggage. When you check in, inform them that those bags are medical equipment and there will be no charge for those bags if...
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    Allergies and Nasal Polyps 9 year old daughter

    Hi susied! Your results are not considered "negative" unfortunately. They are considered "borderline/indeterminate". She may have CF and she may not. 60 is positive. Under 40 is negative. You're in that grey area from 40 to 59. How frustrating. I suspect they will want to repeat the...
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    Allergies and Nasal Polyps 9 year old daughter

    Yes - good luck! And do keep us posted. You're headed to a good facility and I'm sure lots of our members - myself included - would love to hear how they address the polyp issue!
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    Allergies and Nasal Polyps 9 year old daughter

    Nasal polyps are very common in kids with CF and can be even more troublesome than respiratory infections in those kids affected. My son started having polyps and removal surgeries at 6. He's 12 now and has had 5 sinus surgeries so far, which have all been extremely helpful but the polyps can...
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    How long to baseline?

    My guy has had every kind of cough at one time or another. It may be mild, infrequent and dry or horrid, wet, and frequent and everything in between. This last cough (sinus infection) was so deep and chesty that it would stop everyone dead in their tracks to stop and look, waiting for him to...
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    How long to baseline?

    That's a hard one AboveAll. It depends a lot on the kiddo and a host of factors. My rule of thumb requires no cough for 5 to 7 days while ON antibiotics before I stop calling the doc. So if he's still coughing even a little when antibiotics end, then I figure we haven't got it yet and I call...