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    Extra-Life 24 hour gaming marathon

    Hey all, I'm fairly new here, but I figured I would share this for anyone interested. Extra-Life is a fundraising organization that raises money for childrens hospitals around the world. I'm going to be gaming for 24hours to raise money for KU pediatrics. I chose KU pediatrics because I attend...
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    applying for ssi

    I applied for SSI right at 18, was denied after about 3 months, appealed, and then about a year later I received a phone call stating I was approved, and would receive back pay for those months dating back to when I first applied. Its an unfortunate thing to have to deal with, but that's how it...
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    Extra Life 24hour video game LIVE stream marathon

    Just a quick update, I am currently at $49, out of $100 for my goal. If you can donate great, if not just share my facebook post, or Extra Life link. 24 hour event doesn't start until the 20th, but it doesnt hurt to get an early start. :P thanks again for any attention you can give to this...
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    Something any parent of a teen/early adult can relate to (or am I alone!)

    My mother would have a very similar list for me... I fall more to the young adult side, but I would say at least 5 of those achievements describe exactly what My mother gets onto me about on almost a constant basis. And I know I need to work towards getting better about them, aswell as other...
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    Extra Life 24hour video game LIVE stream marathon

    Hello all. I figured this was the best place to post this. Hope you all will share this information, and possibly join me on the 20th of October for an Extra Life charity 24hour game marathon that I will be Live streaming on twitchtv. For those unfamiliar with Extra Life, they are a charity...
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    The Walking Dead

    I very much enjoy Walking Dead. Excited for Sunday, however we are getting rid of our cable provider, sticking with 360s and streaming content via netflix and my computer, but I shall find a way to watch it :) have read most of the graphic novels, and love both the show and books almost equally.
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    Best friend and partner in the fight

    Hello all, I'm new here. I myself have CF, and sadly soon before Christmas 2011 one of my best friends passed away from her battle with CF. I've known her sense I was 17, and am now 24 myself, she was 24. I'm sure most of you can assume where we met... in the hospital, but I must say, any time...