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    Penpal for daughter 8 Years Old

    hello, My daughter who is 8 years old has been looking for a penpal or someone to chat with who has CF for a long time now. Any takers?
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    Depression Support Groups?

    thank you so much for this information! I had no idea where to look! I will look into this thank you so much!
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    Depression Support Groups?

    Thank you for your support and concern! :) we go to the CF clinic at Kaiser on Los Angeles. We have just switched to the CF Center at CHLA in Los Angeles this month and that will be our new home clinic for cf. very excited about our first appointment at childrens hospital!
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    Mixing with other CFers.. thoughts and opinions?

    good to know! Glad I stayed away from those play dates. I don't know what people are thinking..
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    Mixing with other CFers.. thoughts and opinions?

    let me just say how I live by what my daughters doctor tells me and his idea is NO it is a bad idea. I was able to connect with a few mothers of cf kids in my area and lets just say how I was completely bullied by being OVERPROTECTIVE and not letting my daughter interact face to face with the...
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    Trying to rid PA!

    hi all my daughter has had PA for four years! she is 8 and been on both tobi and cayston(switched after a few years). We also severely filter all water in the house for bathing and drinking and have put her on a completely new diet for a while(didn't stick due to it not showing any changes) we...
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    Depression Support Groups?

    hello everyone. I am a single mother of a CF child. My daughter is 8 years old and was diagnosed at age 4 after I pushed the doctors to test for CF since she kept having chronic pneumonia episodes. We have come along way from 4 years ago and have buckled down on the treatments routine a lot and...
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    Altera Cayston machine

    Hello all! My daughter is 8 and was dianosed with cf at the age of 4. She uses Cayston every other Month and for the past 6 months our Cayston machines keep breaking. I am literally having them replaced every half Cayston month. Anyone else having an issue with this? We do not transport the...