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    pickles anyone?

    Pickle are just taste enhancers..They have a lot of sodium and are AcIdic Pickle will not make cfer feel better..You can compare it with tomato sauce. There is nothing wrong in having pickle in small amount. Mst ppl love pickle..and make them in there home here.Its a part of daily diet
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    Do you change neb cups?

    Ya..M using 3 cup..2 for H.Saline and one for albuterol..I take albuterol b/w saline to avoid suffocation.. U cn use more then one cups depending on your needs... If u r using tob,inhaling albuterol b/w tobi might help you to prevent bronchospasm. And cups needs to be changed as described...
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    Listen 2 ur heart. .
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    anxiety about hemoptysis

    Hemoptysis is scary..but we are dealing with challanges daily? Small amount of blood is ok and can b ignored.. Dnt let it panic u. Please take care of these when u have hemoptysis 1.Stop acapella pep device 2 Take a little more vit k And do check ur iron regulary I have read that high...
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    body image

    since she is young, orkambi can actually correct her genetic problems..she will b normal if orkambi works... Give her orkambi with hidden fat like eggs..(2 eggs yellow have 22gm fat ) if orkambi helps then u can decrease no of meal per day. If she she wants to loose her weight let her loose sm...
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    How do you know when you need IV antibiotics?

    I cn feel d pain.Sorry exacerbation means having excessive sputum,infection..Since u r taking vest 3 times a day ..That means u r having hard time. :( u need to get Inter veinous antibiotic .. Inhaled tobi will not help you if u having excessive cough.. Tobi is given as daily inhaled dose...
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    Dumped because I have CF...

    Y is it so necessary to b in a relationship??
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    Oldest Person With CF

    hmm dnt wnt to liv so long
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    Have you improved your fev1????

    Fev is dependent on weight if u weight less..u can act shw that ur fev is better.other than thisnebulising HSaline..albuterol cn improve temporarlynw sm.ppl also hv orkambiother than this exercise can actually bring small real increase fev If one has kyphosis(curved back)back exercise cn help.
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    For those struggling with m abscesses

    Thx...May it help ppl
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    Pancreatic sufficient, but losing weight

    Hi. I think enzyme should not be stoped.As u said he had undigested food in stools .it means he need enzyme Slowly our pancrease produces less human enzyme and therfore u need more artifical enzyme Increasing enzyme might help... more ever weight loss can be due liver problems and diabtese...
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    First Hospitalization

    ya..i take IV antibiotic at hme ...its better that staying at hospital..
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    how tall are you?how much do you weigh?

    I am prediabetic they told me they cant star insulin now..Eating 6 meals is difficult,,i dnt feel hungery..morever i am not able to digest fat i take less than 12gm of fat(calulated) ..i feel stools are slightly fatty..i need to go toilet 5 times a day..increasing creon is not helping..liver...
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    how tall are you?how much do you weigh?

    No i dont have u please recommend a one..u mean i should by weight gainers??
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    how tall are you?how much do you weigh?

    I am 160 cm ( 5 ft 3in) & 70 lbs (32 kg) I m constantly loosing weight age.. :-( Eating high doses of enzyme but still not able to gain weight I hv 3 meals a day ..does any one have any suggestion
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    Pilots with CF

    It will b tough
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    Qvar 1 or 2 a day?

    Practically it does not matter much.It depends how it suits you.
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    Qvar 1 or 2 a day?

    I have taken albuterol, it works better bcoz it delivers drugs slowly.Intially one has bronchospasm and and air flow is restricted ,on taking albuterol ,airflow gradually increases and drugs reaches deeper with increased airflow..this effect continues till patient is relieved. While the same...
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    Negative sweat test but lots of mucus

    Ya u need to do CPT.Its v imp to do cpt till u get diagnosed..Inhaling albuterol & H Saline clears cough Infact u will have to learn cpt techniques lik acbt and autogenic drainage.. To maintain healthy lung.It has to be done twice a day
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    Giving newborn salt

    Jst mix very small amount of salt with milk or any other food .. many times a day there is no harm in if one take less than recommend salt , as she is in quiet cool atmosphere she does not need much salt.. salt is not a medicine and if she is hydrated and temp is 72 F , thn u n give less...