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    Bactiophage Therapy, potential highly effective treatment.

    There's a few people on the Facebook group DearCF doing these.
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    University of Pennsylvania

    I've been driving from Jersey to UPENN for sometime. I love the care that I get there, and the team, Hadj, and Dorgan,Marianne and Nicole are all great! I absolutely don't mind making the drive or being admitted away from home one bit.
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    The type of bacteria growing in CF lungs correlates with how viscous the mucus is

    Someone's rather bitter, must bring back memories of your childhood self. My apologizes. :)
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    The type of bacteria growing in CF lungs correlates with how viscous the mucus is

    I don't agree with Printer at all. Go back in your hole old man.
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    I do believe it is a class IV mutation.
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    Azythromycin 1/2 dose 7 days or full dose Mon,Wed,Fri

    Azithromycin is a horrible drug really. It inhibits autophagy in lung cells... this allows all kinds of things (especially mycobacteria) to get in and stay there without being attacked. Its quorum sensing inhibition is no better than good Allicin/Ajoene. Only anti-inflammatory until your beta2...
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    friend's child had a mycobacteria absess

    MAB is no joke. Stay away. It will make you cry.
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    does anyone take oil of oregano every day

    It is not recommended to take long term I believe there are some liver and possibly kidney implications along with it not working anymore. It should be cycled and treated like other antibiotics. Take a GOOD brand 2 months tops. Stop a month.. cycle it. Gaia Herbs is an OUTSTANDING brand. Bar...
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    help for applying for disability facebook group found this useful friends of mine just started it
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    genetic materials and the race to lower the price

    Why are you asking questions that we already know the answers to? You can get your genome sequenced for $300 btw....
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    Anyone had experience with essential oils?

    doTERRA and Young Living are garbage and over priced. I'm not going to sit here and try to sell you. As if you can't do your own research then well I can't help you now can I? Quality, they offer CO2 methods for super-critical extractions and the prices are fantastic.
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    Which is why Ataluren has failed.... sorry I only decreased my sweat Cl over 30 points, on my own with a special regime. I must know nothing... LOL. Please tell me what you have done, besides set people up for disappointment?
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    You are kidding right? Luma isn't going to do much... stable at best
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    Questions about PharmaNAC regarding CFRD

    More likely that you have less insulin resistance because of the NAC.
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    Vertex drugs and pancreatic function

    Bill no one cares what your leading GI moron said. The reason Kalydeco fixes or is perceived to fix pancreatic function is because most of our pancreas (maybe no printer since he is "100%" PI) still secrete exocrine hormones and enzymes, but the pancreas also makes acid at the wrong times as...
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    I sent you a private message.
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    8 grams is WAY TOO MUCH. You are going to cause Fibrosis of the abdomen over time. Also stop screwing around with bioperine. You talk like you read a bunch of labels and are regurgitating information. Don't take offense to my attitude because there isn't one I just have an odd way of helping...
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    Mic-key/Mini versus G Tube?

    I don't think they let you keep the temporary? It's there to get the hole "made" and healed up until you're ready for the button. I have a mic-key it works for me. I wouldn't want anything smaller I don't think.
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    to those with g-tubes

    I bet you use a 1.0 or 1.5 formula yes?
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    You realize it's approval was delayed because at first they weren't even sure it worked right? Now all of a sudden here we go. It causes major airway spasms and delivery to deep down is questionable. Why not just get a trio from Foundation Care with compounded Tobramycin and it takes just as...