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    Creatinine Help

    nmw0615, such good advice! I am a student midwife and we often recommend nettle teas for liver and kidney support. You can order bulk nettles online from sites such as iherbs. We recommend stuffing a quart jar full (not packed down) of nettles and then adding boiling water and letting it steep...
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    Need advice from more experienced parents

    Just in case you're tempted to think that YOU are doing something wrong, please hear this truth: you are not! We can always be puzzling and thinking and asking advice but please do not blame yourself! My son's "wellness" routine is much like this: Morning - 2 puffs albuterol, saline neb, 15-30...
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    ANy parents with feeding tips and tricks?

    We've had better luck getting whole foods in by using shakes and smoothies. Avacados pair nicely with chocolate so a snack smoothie of almond milk, PB powder, cocoa powder, avacadp and honey is a great protein boost with healthy fats. My son is texture and color sensitive so for fruit smoothies...
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    My son has had success with profilactic Azithromyicen. He's also using a supplement called BCQ which includes boswella, bromelain, curcuma, and quercetin. He does a high dose of vitamin D and pharmaceutical grade fish oil. These additions to his regular Meds have drastically reduced lung...