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    remembering my son . . .nathan daniel

    Thank you all for your prayers and support . . . this is the darkest time of my life. I had two children with CF. My daughter passed away at age 21 in 2008. Now Nathan is gone and I have no children left. It feels like my life is totally empty now. Reading your posts here has let me know...
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    What song do you relate your CF fight to

    I just lost my son on July 5th, 2013, to cystic fibrosis. The song that gives me comfort is "Come to Jesus" by Chris Rice--especially the last verse when he sings, "Fly to Jesus and LIVE."
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    remembering my son . . .nathan daniel

    on july 5, 2013, nathan lost his battle with cystic fibrosis. i miss you more than words can express, buddy. i love you and will always remember and cherish your precious, short life.