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    What to expect with Kalydeco

    Hello missme, we are seeing excellent results for people with residual function splice mutations with Indrepta and TauriNAC. I think one of the moderators on this site uses them as well. Worth a try since they are safe and affordable and have give so many patients double digit lung function...
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    The paradox of Orkambi

    Although Lumacaftor and Kalydeco are not ‘technically’ a polyphenols due to lacking one hydroxyl group, they do have multiple phenyl groups (6 carbon rings) like natural CFTR modulators and a single hydroxyl group whereas the naturals have two or more. Natural polyphenols are well known for...
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    Can someone explain in plain English

    I can help, I am a geneticist. First, your mutation is T896I, not T8961. 896 is the amino acid number of CFTR that is affected. Proteins start with amino acid #1 which is always a methionine, and are numbered sequentially to the stop codon at the end. Each amino acid is encoded by three...
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    The paradox of Orkambi

    The effervescent packages are sealed, air tight so the NAC does not spoil. This is important. All the effervescent tablets are in individual, air-tight packages. Otherwise they would not fizz. And the NAC stays fresh and works better, so this is definitely the way to go.
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    The paradox of Orkambi

    Hi, interesting post! I think your observations about Orkambi are valid - many have reported the same symptoms you have with Orkambi. As you know, Orkambi is designed to correct and potentiate CFTR. The molecules that make up Orkambi are both synthetic polyphenols. Indrepta is a natural...