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    Medical Marijuana

    I think vaping wouldn't be recommended but consuming may have benefits, the veins in most our lungs are sensitive and my cause hympotisis/lung bleed.
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    pickles anyone?

    I love pickles or anything salty.
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    Cystic Fibrosis teen drop out?

    Hang in there for a couple more years and you won't regret it! It takes hard work.
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    Cub Scouting Precautions?

    I'm going to think hard about that one!
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    Double Transplant for CF?

    By removing an entire system and transplanting the entire system into your chest is both easier and more successful.
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    Laser Hair Removal??

    I have terrible ingrown hairs on my chin and neck. They have left some pretty bad scaring on my face. To the point I feel embrassed when I talk to people. I hope things will get better.