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    What is the best CF genetic test?

    Ambry genetics has the most comprehensive testing available.
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    Cystic Fibrosis, Relationships and Wanting Children

    Lance, I'm the person they were referring to about the IVF scholarship. We were actually selected and awarded it but were already pregnant. It's through here is website listing a bunch of reputable grants: One thing I can tell...
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    Just know that they deny almost 95% of applications that come through to them initially. The initial appeal is also at about 90% denial rate. Are you on any IV or nebulized antibiotics? How often are you having sputum cultures? The surgery you mentioned, was it CF related? Have you been...
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    a simple semen analysis will tell you if there are sperm or not.
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    I want kids and I'm 18

    The men with cf who are infertile don't have "blocked" vas deferen's. They have ABSENT vas deferens. It's called Congenital bilateral absence of the Vas Deferens (CBAVD) and it occurs in roughly 95-98% of CF males, but not all. There is hope, IVF with ICSI is an option. I did that 9 years...
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    Effectiveness of IVF -- In regards to a Male CFer and female non-CF

    I also had success the first go round with IVF back in 2006. I have 8 year old triplets now ;-). I also had a website on the topic. The site is currently not hosted due to funding issues, but one of tech guys from this website helped me track down this archive. All the links still work and...
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    Cystic Fibrosis, Relationships and Wanting Children

    The questions you have about considering this major life step are COMPLETELY normal. I remember my ex husband (who has CF) and I discussing the very things you mentioned. Ultimately, we decided that we WERE going to have kids but we were going to make sure there were "safety nets" in place...
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    fired for work restrictions

    This sounds like an ADA issue. Those are "reasonable disability accommodations". File for unemployment.
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    Reproductive System Question

    The vas deferens is absent, not damaged. The sperm does die off quicker, but it is still produced. Check out my website,
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    Life Insurance for Cystic Fibrosis

    Chris, any chance you know of any companies that offer coverage in Washington state?
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    EVERYBODY, i need serious help, please consider?

    Have you applied for Unemployment? How big is the company that you work for? (If it's over 50 you're protected by FMLA and they might have acted illegally by firing you). What state are you in? Here are some CF specific scholarships: 1. 2. NINE different...
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    SSI question

    SSI is not a state program, it is a federal program. As such, the state of ones residency is irrelevant. Just because CF is recognized is a disability, doesn't mean they meet the impairment listings. Here is the criteria:
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    Urgent Insurance decision

    It's very unclear what your options are and what you are asking us to help you with. Can you elaborate a bit?
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    WTF, Why are we all so different?

    Gene modifiers...the same reason why my identical twin boys are SO different medically and in their personalities. That's the quick and dirty explanation...
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    SSDI and SSI are two very different programs because of their income criteria. If you are on SSI/SSDI and collecting unemployment you are defrauding your states system of able, available and actively searching for work. SNAP (food stamps) are something you can get provided you meet the income...
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    A Trust- putting $ in the right place

    A trust is considered an asset. For social security and for state benefit purposes. Overseas or in a friends account is where you can "hide" it. A trust won't do you any good
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    Failed work attempts can absolutely help your case, so if you can document with paystubs and/or a letter from your employer that's great. Backpay refers to paying you back to the date of your application, less the 5 month NO PAYMENT period after the initial date of application. It is VERY VERY...
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    Voting opened for DAFCF

    Unfortunately they haven't updated any of my new contact information, mission statement, logo or anything I sent them over a month ago. I've followed up several times and they told me the response to the nominations was so huge they were unprepared. As such, everything on my end has been...
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    Voting opened for DAFCF

    Thank you SO much Tom, and to everyone who has voted!!!!
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    Voting opened for DAFCF

    If you have a CHASE account with online access, you can logon here and vote AGAIN for DAFCF!!!!