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    Hi I'm Casey

    I love talking to other CF patients. Find me on FB: Megan Ashley Scott :)
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    famous people

    Are there any famous people with CF?
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    cf vLog

    Hey guys! I started my vLog! I have three videos up. My username is thehotcocoagirl and my videos are called Living Life with Cystic Fibrosis: a Vlogumentary, Staying Home, and Feeding tubes and Acting.
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    Mic-key/Mini versus G Tube?

    All of the g-tubes make it fairly hard to move around on your stomach. They will be hating it for a while, trust me. I don't even remember when I had a smooth stomach. I have the Mickey, and I think it's really nice and easy to use.
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    to those with g-tubes

    Does anyone else get really sick after you get hooked up? I always wake up wanting to vomit. Just wondering if I'm alone.
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    Marijuana and CF

    Um, marijuana alone is calling to death, so bad idea.
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    Questions for those with G-tubes

    You can still eat anything you want. It's just extra supplements.
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    living with cf

    Thanks for the feedback!
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    living with cf

    Would anyone watch me if I did a blog on YouTube that showed how cf kids live? I would post at least once a week. Please answer!
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    Am I the only one that feels this way?

    Email me. I'd love to talk to you.
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    Wanting to find other teens to talk to with CF.

    I'm Megan and I'm thirteen. Email me, cause I rarely come on here :D
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    Questions for those with G-tubes

    I have had my g-tube since I was 3 1/2. I'm 13 now. I don't remember anything, but my mom says they sedated me pretty well, just make sure to ask for the 'Mickey' g-tube because its as small as they come. I've had three different kinds. You'll have to change to tubes about once a year, so you'll...
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    Just looking for teens my age

    Hey! I'm Megan, and I'm almost 14 years old! I rarely get on here, but I check my email everyday, so email me!
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    A Kid's Point of View: Living with CF

    Living with CF is extremely difficult. I am 13 years old (turning 14 in may!) and I have it (obviously). I am depressed and sometime wonder if its even worth it to live. I miss school a lot ( I am in eight grade and don't even know how to do the problem 198/34. I am failing in algebra. I cough...
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    I have MRSA. its only a problem when you are around other chronically I'll people. just make sure to take the antibiotics your doctors give you.
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    14-year old just diagnosed

    I'm almost 14, so if you ever need a kids point of view, email me!
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    Teens, what to expect for the years ahead?

    I'm thirteen years old, almost 14. Here's my view on it. Your son will most likely be going to the doctors every three months to do a pulmonary function test (pft). These tests don't hurt, but they are extremely tiring for cf patients because it requires taking very big breaths and us cf kids...