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    New Orleans Adult CF Center

    Thank you for the information about Jackson Kirio, however New Orleans takes us only an hour and a half to get there which is a lot closer than Jackson is. That's why I picked the New Orleans location but I'll keep that in mind if I have problems. It's always good to have a backup plan in case...
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    New Orleans Adult CF Center

    I've been to see the doctor in New Orleans at Tulane and I really liked him a lot. He does things different than what I'm used to but he listens to you where the doctors I had at my last center most of them had their mind made up before they even saw you so it really didn't matter what you had...
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    What is your dream hospital?

    Having CF we can't avoid going in the hospital and since we've got to be there for so long it can get old really quick. What do you envision the hospital having to make the best stay for CFs? And how does it compare to what's at your current hospital? I can't really say how things are for the...
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    Anyone go to Tulane in New Orleans?

    I moved and the center I'm going to be going to is Tulane. Does anyone go there? I have an appointment with the doctor next week and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be admitted to the hospital. I put this in this thread because I would like to know what it's like being in the hospital there...
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    Curious what's everyone's hospital like?

    Where do you get admitted when you're sick or need a tune up? What do you like about the inpatient treatment and what could be improved? Also what kind of perks do they have for the CF patients for example special cafeteria privalages, DVD players, laptops, ect.....?
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    Pilots with CF

    I'm not a pilot but my grandfather was a pilot in the Air Force and I have CF and I'm 34 so to hear that you're going to be a pilot that's amazing. I don't know what kind of issues you may have but it is great that you're able to achieve that. It makes me so happy when I see other CFers...
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    Help I Need Advice ASAP!

    I just moved and have been trying to get an appointment with the center in New Orleans but it's been a headache. They told me they needed a demographic page plus last clinic notes before they could give me an appointment. I called them to see if they got them in the middle of September because...
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    I've got colonized MRSA and they give me Vancomycin through IV and it reduces the amount tremendously but my doctors have told me that once colonized you'll always have a positive culture. After a few rounds of the Vancomycin my MRSA doesn't flare up as much. Also they give me inhaled Colistin...
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    New Orleans Adult CF Center

    Thank you those links helped me some. I did have a account on here a while ago but I honestly don't remember the name but I didn't really get on here enough to figure it out but I've had the time to really look around and I really like this site. I think it's awesome we can help each other out...
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    New Orleans Adult CF Center

    I just recently moved to Ocean Springs, Mississippi and the closest CF center in to me is the one in New Orleans. Can anyone tell me about this center? What's the doctor like? What in patient is like also? What are the nurses like in the hospital and in clinic? If anyone could let me know...
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    Who are you in a nut shell

    I'm a 34 woman, was diagnosed at 1 because of lung collapsed. I'm married and I love cats. I have 2 cats because so far we can't seem to have kids so my cats are my kids. I love reading, writing, watching movies, spending time with my family, and learning new things. I'm double delta f508. I...