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    colloidal Silver?

    Ionic silver is what causes agyria. Not colloidal silver. However, I wouldn't nebulize anything that isn't sold in single-use vials and market as sterile. That it's an antibiotic doesn't take away the importance of it being sterile. I've nebbed a brand of colloidal silver that had good reviews...
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    Should Cystic Fibrosis be declared a disability?

    This may help : Cystic Fibrosis qualifies as a "major functional disability" in Québec and getting on permanent disability here for CF is not...
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    Anyone feel lightheaded when sick?

    You didn't mention any about starting to take antibiotics so I'm assuming that you didn't. But just to make sure, were you? Because some antibiotics can have side effects that are similar to what you describe.
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    how do I know how many enzymes to take?

    When your poop is hard and looks like pieces of poop clumped together, or if it becomes so hard and big that you have trouble pushing it out, then you're taking 1 too many. But be careful, too few enzymes can also cause constipation. You have to go by trial and error according to what you eat.
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    Upper Back Pain Due to Coughing??

    This will be of interest to all of you. It's an article about posture, but it partially explains why you may get back pain when you cough.,p.55-66,2005.pdf Do you know where the pain comes from? Does it come from...
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    Barrel chest

    Interesting. Was there any hint to barrel chest being something that can be partially or fully corrected in adults through physical therapy?
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    Flu after getting the vaccine

    Last year's strain was particularly virulent and severe. It took from 2 to 4 weeks for healthy adults to get over it. I had never seen that before. It was really bad last year. The epidemic started earlier than usual (at least in my area), right during the vaccination period, which means that...
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    Flu after getting the vaccine

    That you are so far off the nutcase scale that you do not think twice about providing advice that could mean DEATH to the people here according to people who are more knowledgeable than you is... to put it bluntly, stupid as ƒuck wouldn't start to cover it. I would personally advise you to ƒuck...
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    How can lung transplants change in 10, 20 years?

    I'm not sure where everyone gets these very hopeful statistics, but everywhere I look for, the survival rates for lung transplants are actually not very good. The danger isn't with the surgery itself, it's with the immunodepression and chronic rejection in the 2+ years following the transplant...
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    Netflix!!!!! Must see

    What the hell. You might have trouble reading. My post was a question, not a comment. It even was a very legitimate question at that, basically asking you if there was anything else in this movie besides what I expected to be a depiction of what we all go through with CF. Not sorry if you can't...
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    6 days straight, coughed up blood

    Search no more. Hemoptysis happens as a result of inflammation or bronchiectases, both being results of infection, or pulmonary arterial hypertension, which in CF, is a result of chronic inflammation. Take your pick. It's most likely related to the bronchitis and CF combo having damaged your...
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    itchy cough & trachea

    I know that people get this itchy feeling when inflammation flares up. If sitting up helps, it might indicate that it's a matter of change in blood pressure/blood distribution, which further indicates that it might be an inflammation issue. Could that be your case?
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    How did your decline go?

    Examples from people I know/knew : This one kid was doing great until he entered high school, where he became infected with aspergillus, to which he was allergic. If I remember correctly, he lasted a year and a half, maybe 2. Pneumonia leaving permanent damage Flu leaving permanent damage
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    News for gating, residual function and conductance mutations!

    This is really old news. The avenue was shut down when they tried in vivo experiments and found out that there is so little curcumin that actually makes it to the cells that it's not worth it and that for it to be worth it, an impossible amount would have to be ingested. Curcumin is not...
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    Barrel chest

    This will be of interest for you :,p.55-66,2005.pdf
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    Aerobika- has anyone used this yet?

    Looks like the same thing as a flutter too.
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    Bad Breath

    Persistent bad breath is often caused by stuffed tonsils. You need to squeeze them with something to get the gunk out of them.
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    Netflix!!!!! Must see

    Why is it a must see? Assuming I have no interest in watching on screen what I go through every day or what awaits me if I ever need a transplant?
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    'Man Purse'

    There was a satirical TV show here in which a guy had one of these "man purses". He called it a "viril holdall". ;)
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    What to do with unused meds

    Please make sure you disinfect them very well before you pass them along. I'd be worried about cross contamination, especially Cepacia which is a huge deal, even if you haven't cultured it in a long time. I wouldn't take any chance.