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    chronic pain

    I have chronic pain but not due to CF. I do get rib pain from coughing but with a massage and heat that goes away pretty quickly. I have a pretty high tolerance for that part of my body. I have hip dysplasia and my hips are in constant pain (ranges anywhere from a 3 to a 10 on the pain...
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    aching joints (feet, hands, hips), fatigue, and headaches???

    I have some of the same symptoms that you described. My docs said I likely have CF related arthritis. For me it can sometimes mean that I am fighting something... especially if I have a bad flare up of joint pain in numerous parts of my body. After saying this.... weather can also affect my...
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    People sharing germs

    My situation just got serious. The same people who refuse to stay home when they are sick.... we found out that they have pneumonia. My husband is now super sick (coughing). My son just got sick this morning (body aches and chills). I am freaking out to say the least. I CANNOT get pneumonia...
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    People sharing germs

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. I think I will start using hand sanitizer more often and insist that my son sit with the family instead of with his friend during church (he was the first person to get sick). No more carpooling to bible study.... they can take their own kids.
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    People sharing germs

    We are entering cold and flu season and I am freaked. We have new "friends" and they are NOT interested in knowing anything about Cystic Fibrosis. Both my husband and I have tried to give them some basic information. (They are mostly my husband's friends). They attend the same church that we...
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    Am I the only diaper dependant cf'er?

    I have to wear a liner because when I cough hard.... I pee. After I was pregnant it just got worse. They make pretty discreet (think that is the correct word) products out there.
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    budesonide sinus rinses

    I tried it a few years ago. I was horribly allergic to it. My doc said he had lots of success with this drug.
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    Dental surgery and antibiotics

    I would do an antibiotic!!! I had a tooth pulled a year and 1/2 ago and I developed Nocardia. I found out you don't mess with Nocardia. Talk to your CF doc.
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    Bloody nose.... dry climate... humidifier safe

    I live in an extremely dry climate. My hands have cracked, my feet look like the desert floor and my family has been having nose bleeds. Hubby does heating and air conditioning for a living... We already have a whole house air cleaner and now hubby wants to get a whole house humidifier. Are...
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    Pre-term Labor and CF

    I started to have pre-term labor at 28 weeks. Was on bedrest most of pregnancy. They gave all those wonderful pre-term labor drugs and by the time it was time to deliver, my son was too big for me to deliver him...C-section. My petite CF body versus a healthy full term baby... not a good...
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    Insurance Policy Cancelled

    We tried to sign up for health coverage with our agent... found out we have to sign up for medicaid first. It is taking 45 days + for them to process medicaid applications. We won't be able to sign up for the insurance plan we want until we get a medicaid denial. If we get our medicaid...
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    Netflix!!!!! Must see

    Iefisherman, I got to know Jazzymom, too. Miss her badly!! Miss those night chats. Virtual parties (especially around the holiday), laughing, talking about important stuff and silly stuff. I just watched this on Netflix the other night... haven't cried that hard in a very long time. I...
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    Insurance Policy Cancelled

    It was PCIP. I was not a scam... it was on their letterhead and I found on the internet (after much searching) that they were out off funding. The frustrating part was from what I read they were projecting loss of funding before they even added my state to the plan. We are looking at over...
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    Insurance Policy Cancelled

    I just got notification from my insurance (government run insurance program) that my policy is getting cancelled at the end of the year. I am freaking out to say the least. My husband and I cannot afford insurance after December. I am not sure how I am going to get care for my lungs (and...
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    Getting older and gaining weight?

    I hit 37 and wham... gained 20 lbs almost over night. I have to be super active to keep it from crawling back up to my highest weight (150). With a deteriorating hip it has been a challenge. I am doing what I can to exercise (even if it means walking to the end of the block and back). I have...
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    Night Sweats

    I started getting night sweats a year ago when I cultured MAC. Soon as I started the meds it all stopped and then started up again for a short while when I had to stop the meds. I am not convinced my night sweat are TOTALLY from the MAC though. I am perimenopausal and I get night sweats at...
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    hashimoto's thyroiditis

    Little Lab... I am have been wondering the very same thing. They diagnosed me with a vocal cord dysfunction about the same time the enlarge thyroid popped up 4 years ago. I have had no luck treating the vocal cord dysfunction. We have also had no luck treating my acid reflux. I am starting to...
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    Question for this with CFRD

    I control my diabetes with diet and exercise. I only take insulin when my sugars are above 180. Course I only have borderline diabetes. That doesn't happen very often when I eat the right foods and drink enough water. I just had my yearly blood work and the numbers indicate that I don't have...
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    hashimoto's thyroiditis

    Cheerfulpuppies, THANK YOU!!!! That is what I need to hear.... someone else's experiences. They have said post nasal drip for me, too.... or acid reflux. Now since my doc showed me the enlargement... that explains the constant "lump" in my throat that have been frustrated with. I am hoping...
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    hashimoto's thyroiditis

    As I said earlier... I have not gotten a final diagnosis yet... they are just suspecting Hashimoto at this time. No, the medication didn't cause it but may have aggravated (flared up) things. Thyroid is large enough for them to be scrambling. The normal blood work (so far) has my doc...