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    I want to make new friends!!!! :]

    Hi I'm Casey I'm 12 i love meeting new people look me up on Facebook I'm Casey Wilson my profile pic is a blounde girl which is me in a blue jersey!!!My twitter is @caseyeat and my emails are and oh and on my...
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    Looking for friends

    O and I'm from Newport tennessee it's pretty much a small town I'm in the seventh grade
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    Looking for friends

    Hello my name is Casey but my friends call me little Casey I'm 12 it's hard for me too explain but my friend who also has CF explains everything and it is hard being known as the sick girl but it gets better message me if you need anything:)
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    I'm @caseyeat lol
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    Wanting to find other teens to talk to with CF.

    Hi I'm Casey I'm 12 message me anytime!!!!!!
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    I miss about half if not more of the school year and I was wondering if it will just get worse in the years to come because I'm going into the seventh grade everyone at school is very supportive and when I'm at school I'm sick they also gave me a survivors award and I heard the life span of a...
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    CF and salt

    I was wondering me and my friend both have cf we are addicted to salt does everyone with cf have to have salt all the time or is it a symptom?Or is it just us?
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    Teens, what to expect for the years ahead?

    I just turned twelve I was just diagnosed in 2010 but I have been in and out of the hospital so keep doing research and in the years to come they might find a cure and watch your Childs health.:)
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    Two people with cf

    I have a good friend she is my age and I was wondering if to people with cf spent the night together would it make one worse or both?
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    Hi I'm Casey

    I'm Casey Wilson on facebook
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    Hi I'm Casey

    Hi I'm Casey im twelve years old I have cystic fibrosis and osteo chromedroma (I think that's how you spell it) bone toumers.I have had 42 surgerys.I'm from Newport tennessee I go to edgemont elementary that's bout it by!!!!