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    Bad smell and taste = infection?

    I was on IV Tobramycin through most of both of my pregnancies and my boys are both great. My doc monitored me very closely, and my OB and pulmonologist were always in close contact. Renal function monitoring is imperative. It is my understanding that IV Tobramycin is not harmful to the baby. I...
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    Supreme Court Ruling Obamacare Upheld

    Thank you, Laura for that correction--it was driving me crazy!
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    Rude Staff

    I agree with you both. I am ALWAYS very cordial to staff. I go out of my way to thank staff and show appreciation. I'll even bring goodies to the floor when I'm not actually in the hospital as a patient. I agree that you have to treat others the way you want to be treated. I, too, bring my...
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    Rude Staff

    We all experience the hospital from time to time and the staff gets to know us pretty well. I also know that these same staff members encounter some nasty attitudes and some whining. However, we are not ALL that we, as CF patients. I am currently in the hospital and have had several incidences...
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    Dogs ok or not?

    As others have stated, unless your child has known allergies, you should be ok. However, speaking from personal experience, when you already have breathing difficulties, pet dander can contribute to those difficulties. Maybe you guys could have a dog that is "hypoallergenic." I have two...
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    Have you ever been evaluated by a psychiatrist for bipolar disorder?
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    Ever dreaded a hospital stay?

    To jamoncita---I always hated getting PICCs placed as well. I finallh got a port a couple of years ago (b/c I HAD to--no veins left) and I wish I had done it much sooner. I previously resisted getting a port b/c I felt that it would be an admittance that my disease was gettinh worse. DUMB ME...