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    Happy Birthday to Cf Rebel

    Hello Everyone, I was born in 1953 with 2X-Delta-508 CF Genes. I am 62 today, still going as strong as I can for any person 62 y.o. I am spending my day up on top of a communications tower. I have an antenna up there that needed fine tuned. My wife wants to take me out for dinner tonight, I may...
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    Taking testosterone

    Don't be surprised..... As Twist said, have your Dr. check it, no big deal... I asked to have mine checked about a month ago. Mine was in the very normal range. So chances are probably yours will be in the lower normal range. And it seems as long as it falls anywhere in the (Drs.) normal range...
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    Bellyache, damn it!

    The "Ultram" just covers up the pain. But believe me when I start on the second day of being on my knees in pain the "Ultram" is very well accepted. I have already gone to the hospital and had them give me a shot of "Morphine" to stop my pain for a while. Not my first choice of treatment though.
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    Bellyache, damn it!

    This is what I have been trying to say about CF !! There is no 2 CF patients the same... I get bellyache if I take enzymes, as a matter of fact they cause a bowel obstruction with me.... To the point of they was going to put a colostomy on me.. So I stopped taking enzymes in about 1962, now if i...
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    Well here we go again !!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, Printer and Little... I will gladly try your recommendations. I am just so frustrated.... It makes me want to forget about ALL Drs. altogether, and live my life Dr. free, as I did from the age of 16y.o. until the age of 45. The only time I saw a Dr. during that period was once when I...
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    Well here we go again !!!!!!!!!

    Good idea except... My Cf Drs. are 2 1/2 hrs. away and are not at all familiar with my area.(B)
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    Well here we go again !!!!!!!!!

    I just read an article on the computer about, "The five most mis-diagnosed diseases" well as always not a word about CF. I guess CF must be #6. WHY is society so affraid to bring CF to the front page. So when we go to our PCP's they can treat us with a small amount of knowledge. I am having a...
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    My Mutations 2XDeltaF508...As bad as it can be.......Scorp
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    News flash !!!! I have had several Cf Drs. over my 60 years.. And they all say the same thing.. ONCE YOU HAVE "PSEUDOMONAS" you never get rid of it.. Even a "clean-out"/"tune-up" does not get rid of "Pseudomonas". But it seems to be the norm in the CF Drs. world of knowledge. HOWEVER one of...
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    Announcing CF to the world

    Where's that cure ? In 1959 I was told there's "a cure just around the corner". Well I have been waiting 54 years for that cure. I am darn glad I did not hold my breath waiting. I learned many years ago not to look through "rose colored glasses" it is what it is..........Scorp
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    Help, please!

    I am going to be honest.. I hate CF, and no one knows the psychological issues that goes with the disease. And I am noticing a female with CF has a whole different outlook on life than a male with CF. What do us males have to look forward too ? I have been fired from jobs because, the health...
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    Announcing CF to the world

    Please wake up ! Thanks to the CFF our disease is still treated like we are leper's. You ask anyone what "Diabetes" is and they can nail it. Cancer, everyone knows what it is. Mention CF and very few people have a clue. Yet today, Drs. offices (outside of CF clinics) is very sketchy. I have...
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    Hello Murphy's Mom. My semenal fluid is not thick. When coming out it runs all over in a very liquid state. As a matter of fact it is thinner if anything, maybe because of the lack of actual sperm.
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    Fertilization for Men

    Also you can do a home test .. I used to do this home test. You can get a male sperm test at most Pharmacies. If it is not in stock they can order it for you. They are right beside the pregnancy test kits. There will only be 1 or 2 on the shelf. My Wal-greens has it in stock, I checked a couple...
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    Any other CF Pagans??

    Oh Gee ! Here is my take on this subject. I don't like titles, and I agree, don't push your religous beliefs on me and we will be fine. My take is, how can I believe "God" or "Jesus" is this Super Great Person, that manages every aspect of your life, WHEN my grandparents were great people, my...
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    In dealing with CF,"We've come a long way Baby".

    Some fun facts, some humor, but most of all I hope I can share or help with a small problem you may be having..I was dignosed in 1959 I was 6 y.o. The Drs. loved handing out enzymes then, just as much as now. The first enzymes I was on, was called "Pantaric Granules" You sprinkled these awful...
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    Who are you in a nut shell

    Who am I in a "Nut Shell" . I am Dan, I am 5'9" x 170 lbs. I was diagnosed in 1959/ 2 X Delta F508's. I am very active. I am soon to be 60 y.o. this year. I am going to celebrate big time. I would have never guessed I would see the 60 mark. I go by the nickname of "scorp" because of my B/D...