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    How do I fix bloating and looking like I'm a pregnant guy?

    You look like you lift, but are your running? Doing core strength exercises? Planks? When I was in my best shape, doing all that, I had a great abdomen at all times.
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    CF Gas...WHY?

    Yeah, I'm generally gas-free these days, though that took a lot of experimenting to find out what foods to avoid. I don't want to miss out on calories, you know. And my bowel movements still turn the walls brown, but at least I'm not gassing my coworkers anymore.
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    Summer Activities with a PICC line

    The only things I didn't do with PICCs in were swimming and climbing. Beyond that, anything goes. (Docs may recommend against weightlifting with that arm). I even ran half-marathons with my PICCs in!
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    How did your decline go?

    I have declined fairly quickly. From being a runner with FEV1 in the 50s to being unable to run, FEV1 under 20, and on oxygen full-time has been less than a year. In fact, I was still doing "fine" at my birthday last September, but a few months and a couple of bad exacerbations later, and I...
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    I'm in the transplant boat, too, and finding exercise more and more difficult to sustain, but I am keeping active. Right now I get the most activity commuting, which involves quite a bit of walking, even with bus and subways factored in. It IS hard, but I feel proud I can still do it. I...
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    Speak Out for Sarah Murnaghan

    Extremely well-said Steve. You encapsulated a lot of my thoughts exactly, especially as concerns the court decision. As for you, Albino15, the fact that you would bring such flaming and unhelpful rhetoric to this forum disgusts me.
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    hi everyone i have had a new cf diagnosis which was not expected

    People w/ Cystic Fibrosis Related Metabolic Disorder have at least one CF mutation, sometimes (not always) two. The CFTR protein doesn't function perfectly in them, or seems to function fine in some areas, not fine in others. This is a new area between CF and carriers that is only just now...
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    Fantastic! Keep up the good work! You'll be running 5Ks in no time.
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    24 hour ph study

    I took the day off and slept most of the day.
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    Help! Newly diagnosed with CF related Diabetes

    I am alarmed that your doctors are not taking action on this quickly or effectively. Your first phone call Monday morning should be to your CF clinic and ask for a blood glucose stress test to be set up, or some other confirmation diagnostic test. They CANNOT tell from a single blood test...
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    strangers touching your baby

    Well, if he's so far got normal lungs and doesn't seem like every cold turns into two weeks of hospital (they didn't for me in childhood and still don't BTW), and has a normal immune system, then I say throw him in with the other kids w/ sniffles. You do him no favors by over-protecting now...
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    newborn atypical cf...gas and moucous in

    This sounds like CFTR-related metabolic syndrome. If you can get this diagnosis, then you should be seen regularly at a CF center to help handle the CF-like aspects.
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    strangers touching your baby

    I'm sorry, I may have missed something here, Heidi, but does your baby have a suppressed or weakened immune system in actuality? Does she have pronounced lung involvement or a history of chest infections? If not...if you're just being proactive because she has CF, then you may be...
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    Kalydeco and transplant

    I haven't, though that doesn't mean such a thing isn't currently transpiring. Generally, only patients who will benefit from Kalydeco are on it. Also, Kalydeco isn't going to reverse previous lung damage. If your PFTs are within transplant range, Kalydeco is unlikely to boost them much...
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    first symptoms and diagnosis of CF at age 73

    Hi! Welcome to the world of cystic fibrosis and to one of the tightest, most knowledgeable communities in the world. If you'd like to join an email list, I'm the moderator of the cystic-l google group. You can track us down and apply for membership at...
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    Frightened and sad...

    I do think it's amazing they can detect the problems in the womb, test you and your husband, and get a diagnosis before the little guy's even born. What an advantage! You and your team of physicians have time to think, time to prepare. Soak up information; make CF friends. Try not to compare...
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    Very Low Fat Diet & CF

    Well, this is a familiar tune. I've practiced fat intake control for most of my life. Including kind AND amount. But I have lately become more adventurous in seeing which fats and how much of them my Creon can handle. I do think more CF doctors should get on this and help each patient figure...
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    My best friend has CF -

    It is helpful to have friends who dont' freak out at every new development as the years go by. By seeking out knowledge beforehand, you're prepared to be a rock-steady friend for him, when a complication arises it won't be the first you've ever heard of it.
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    My husband just had a transplant...some of his nurses and his surgeon are saying...

    Rythe.... "obviously".... you keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
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    How long do you have to eat after taking pills? Do you have to eat within 5 mins?

    Guys, this is not a medicine that goes into the bloodstream and gets circulated. It stays in the digestive tract and operates on whatever is in close proximity to it in the digestive tract. It is optimal to take them spaced throughout a long meal or at the beginning of a short meal.