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    my CF infant had a solid this normall??

    My 7 month old had a solid poop today for the first time. He is breast fed amd we started to introduce solid foods recently. Has anyone else had this happen or do I need to contact the clinic for advice? First time mom and cf mom so I am cautious about everything:) -Erica
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    Logistics for sweat test & first newborn CF appointment

    We had oue cf apt before the sweat test bc we had 2 mutations show up on the newborn screen. We were so scared before bc all the info at that point we had on cf was from the internet..big mistake!! Once we had the apt and met all the specialists we felt so much better and at ease. We started...
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    new moms with cf newborns

    Thanks everyone for all the responses! So great to hear from other moms, makes everyhting seem so much more managable! We were diagnosed at 1 week and no symptoms or sickness yet, so far so good:) we are trying to get into routines with everyhting and I stay at home so it makes things a lil...
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    new moms with cf newborns

    Our son Lincoln is 3 months old. I would love to just connect with other moms of cf newborns and talk about what the exerience has been like. Even moms of older kids and what to expect or how to handle things that are.coming.
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    Who are you in a nut shell

    My name is Erica, my husband and I just had a baby boy, Lincoln, who was diagnosed at 1 week with cf. We live in Atlanta Ga with our 2 german shepards and our now 2 month old beautiful baby boy. We couldnt be happier to be parents and we are just figuring out this whole new cf journey one day...