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    Do you have ABPA?

    Dear artobsessed, (I like your name btw, me too). I am a nearly 37 year old with FEV1 in the mid-40s and holding steadyish for the last couple years. I have been diagnosed with ABPA (or ABPM). I too have a history of asthma, sinisitus, chronic congestion, and allergic rhinitis. I first had...
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    Help with Sinuses. Recommendations needed to break up sinus junk!

    Hi TheSaltyOne! I've had similar issues with my sinuses, even though they've never been so bad to have surgery (it's definitely out there as an option though). I recently went to see an ENT who specializes in patients with CF, and there are some new treatment options. Years ago, he told me first...
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    The " cure " Selenium

    Your initial reaction of "this story is kind of nuts" is correct- it is nuts. In general, if someone with CF has a deficiency in selenium it would be due to malabsorption (and I doubt it would be the only thing you would be deficient in). CF is not caused by a deficiency in selenium or any other...
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    As if CF wasn't enough

    Hi BamaGirl22, I have one more question for you. Have you ever taken Tobi, and if so, did you ever become ototoxic to it?
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    Take a break from enzymes?

    First, please do not stop taking your enzymes without consulting your doctor first. I do not take as many enzymes as you do, and depending on what I eat, if I miss a dose, I will either feel the effects right away or usually within 24 hours. You will definitely notice a difference in your...
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    What does yoga do for you?

    I love the "Namaste" yoga DVD series by Kate Potter - they only last about 22 minutes each with warm up and cool down. Most of them are beginner level, with a few poses that can be considered intermediate. I also enjoy Melissa McLeod's videos on I have noticed a difference-...
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    As if CF wasn't enough

    Sorry I think I read your join date instead of the thread date. Unfortunately I cannot get an appt. with the neurologist (I'm going to UVA because Dr. Burns is there) until late October. So I've got a couple of months to think about it :) I think I will try to keep track of my symptoms though-...
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    As if CF wasn't enough

    It's been quite a few years, are you still on the forum bamagirl? And if so, how is your treatment going? I was just diagnosed as having MG myself (same symptoms as you, including fatigue from chewing and general overall). I still need to see a neurologist (very soon I hope) so that we can...