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    pickles anyone?

    Sourkraut! I would also highly recommend sourkraut, just because there is some evidence apperantly that it is very good on your digestive system (while also answering the salt craving)
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    need ideas for help gaining weight for my lil one.

    Great input Ethan , I never thought about that! :)
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    Almond Milk Weight Gainer Smoothie

    Fab recipe!! I would also recommend to alternate on the seeds/nuts front and sprinkle chia, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, peptias....
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    Almond Milk Weight Gainer Smoothie

    Fabulous recipe.. very healthy and not using milk should have mucus reducing properties, noo?
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    Giving newborn salt

    Excellent advice on licking the salt off the pretzels :)))) Thank you!