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    Portraits: Adults with CF Fundraising book

    31 Upstate, NY.....I'm leaving next week for a long road trip so i won't be back until after the first week of June
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    relationships ending and dealing with being alone

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    I'm not a normal teenage guy

    Cf doesn't make you like this. But it makes people like me, like this. We are all different, but theres a good chance you can find people like you on here. There maybe something to the sex drive with the knowledge of infertility at a young age. It is what it is i guess.
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    Wanting to make friends with CF?

    I think anyone on this site is a friend (and i'm very anti-social). There are a few different personalities out there, but we come to this site to find people like us. Don't be afraid to just message people. Everyone here is here for the same reason.
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    Ginseng-reduce pseudomonas excretions?

    Is there any articles or studies about this you could link? I know a bit about ginsing, and I know where there is some 20-25 year old wild plants. The ginsing you get in energy drinks and suppliments is farmed. That stuff is much cheaper. The wild stuff is worth over $600/lb and much...
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    Am I the only diaper dependant cf'er?

    It's not the CF crew, its the Hospital crew that have no idea. We have all delt with them.
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    Respite home care for Cf patiemts and families

    I tried to give you a thumbs up and it says thumbs down now. I like your idea, get to know us.
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    Am I the only diaper dependant cf'er?

    i appreciate the support. I deal well with it, but every heathcare worker that i have told or has found out says it's rare or is just plain rude about it. I have had to do the extra laundry, and stream clean the couch. I am more comfortable wearing protection, than constantly embarassing...
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    Infertility in man with cf

    A couple days late with all that goin on isn't much to worry about yet. But you should get your result, or get tested so you can do the deed responsibly. If getting a girl pregnant is bad for you right now you should at least wear protection. take this "scare" you are having and learn from it.
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    Am I the only diaper dependant cf'er?

    O2 just at night. My day sat. is usually 92-94%
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    Am I the only diaper dependant cf'er?

    I am almost wondering if it is related to low oxygen. I had an overnight o2 done and my doctor said it was one of the worst he has seen. I was going below 70%. I read that oxygen that low can cause nerve damage, it also caused me to have seizures and i heard that can have lasting effects.
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    Am I the only diaper dependant cf'er?

    31.... please don't judge.
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    Is really cold weather bad for cf'ers

    I'm 31 with pft's in the low 30%. The transition from a warm house or car to cold air bothers me, but once i'm out for a little bit the cold air makes me feel great. I have been out icefishing in sun-zero temps many times. Trapping and snow shoeing also. I'm probably the most active in...
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    When to get a PORT

    I got a port a year ago. I got a blood clot in my jugular vein as a result, so now i'm on blood thinners. That being said I still am glad i got it. It is much more comfortable than a picc line, and they were having a hard time getting picc lines in anymore. The lines have to be changed after...
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    Night oxygen or CPAP

    I had an overnight o2 sat. test done at home two months ago and having another done this week to see if i'm on enough o2 at night. Just a clamp on my finger for a night (may want to tape it, mine fell off for a few hours last time). My doctor said my results were some of the worst he has ever...
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    Getting used to change....

    I hade the same problem thats why im iefisherman now lol. good to see you're back! Ben
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    i kinda scrolled through the topic and wanted to say ice cubes. It gives a similar sensation with less side effects.
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    Netflix!!!!! Must see

    To answer your question, there is honesty in it. Honesty that doctors can't give and friends and family can't give. When i say honesty i don't mean in words, it's in the fact that this girl put her life out there for everyone to see, and to help a few. It's not for everyone, and thats fine...
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    Rheumatoid Arthritis

    just had a bad bout of ankle pain that was awful. Landed me in the ER. Blood tests showed high uric acid in my blood so my primary care is treating me for gout until i get into the rheumatologist next month. Very painful, keep us posted on what you find out.