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    Adults with CF what are your jobs?

    I'm currently an administrative assistant, but am looking for other jobs. Possibly staying an administrative assistant but changing company's.
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    Newly Diagnosed

    Yes it is, it's one of the ones listed on the website that you gave me when I input my information.
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    Newly Diagnosed

    Yeah I made an appointment for Monday with the doctor that my regular doctor suggested.
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    Who are you in a nut shell

    My name is Meggy I am a female I am 29 years of age I am married to a Airforce Airman We live in Northern California I love hanging out with animals and reading I am recently diagnosed (Late in life I know) I am christian
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    Newly Diagnosed

    Hi, I'm newly diagnosed with CF and I am 28 years old. I know that might seem really old to be being first diagnosed but that's what happened to me. I am looking for a doctor in northern california to make an appointment with and am hoping that my primary doctor will have sme suggestions. I'm...