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    How can I lose fat safely?

    Don't worry dear, it's not a big deal I know you can't lose weight in a week it take months but you can do it. I always suggest herbal and effective ways like you drink green tea in your daily routine and drink orange juice because it's very effective and a big source of vitamin C, these tips...
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    Hi Jerry, Running promotes muscular development, improves blood circulation system and boost immunity system. Running reduce cholesterol level, reduce high blood pressure and prevent from hypertension, obesity and diabetes.
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    Hi AppealGirl, My advice for you is to start with running program, set realistic goals and keep a running log to measure your progress.Running is best exercise to lose weight
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    Hot yoga

    Hot yoga is great for health as hot yoga helps in losing weight, increasing body flexibility and boosting energy. Hot yoga tone muscles, lower blood pressure and improve concentration.
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    Getting older and gaining weight?

    To boost your metabolism, engage in early morning exercices and avoid skipping breakfast. Eat spicy food more in your meals and increase your water intake for drinking. Avoid eating late and manage stress.
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    Take Steps To Better Health

    Hi Juli, Agree with you and obesity has been declared as an epidemic in some countries and to prevent from obesity we must engage in regularly physical activities and have nutritive meal plan.
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    Problems getting back in shape

    Hi Cali, Watch what you eat as you are already stick with your physical activities. Break your meals in small frequent meals, increase water intake and avoid beverages. Do not eat late, manage stress and have proper sleep.