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    updates on new exercise

    I'll try to keep this short and sweet but I'm a huge fan of cycling (indoors and outdoors). I have a pretty diverse athletic background and I truly haven't found anything that provides the same deep lung burn that I can achieve with a solid ride. I raced competitively for the cycling team...
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    Wondering about CF care in Denver & TX program

    I've lived in CO my entire life so I cant really comment on the elevation either.. But I've gone to NJ for the last few years and had a very positive experience overall. The doctors are excellent and always have a game plan (at least in my experience). The only con I'd say is the communication...
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    22 y/o coughing up blood, CF & CFRD & newly living away from home.

    Hi Isabella - I just recently graduated college and experienced the same thing (hemoptysis) for the first time a year ago (when I was 22 -ironically). I followed up with my doctors immediately, as I was concerned since it was the first time I'd coughed up blood, and found that it is relatively...