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    lisamarieblankenship is my username o Instagram. Add me if you'd like.
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    My username for instagram is lisamarieblankenship
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    Anyone willing to do this?

    I am from Chicago Heights, IL
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    Which children's hospital

    I went to Riley's children hospital as a kid as I lived in Indiana at that time. It was great. I now live in Illinois and my boyfriend went to Comer's Children hospital which is part of University of Chicago. He loved the staff there. The doctors are great at either place. However when your...
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    Pulmno in Chicago?

    I have cf as does my fiance and we both see Dr. Edward Naureckas at University of Chicago. He is great.
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    ISO Large vest alone and or Vest with machine

    Hello I'm in search of a Large Vest. Also if possible I'm in search of the vest machine. I lost my job a year and a half ago and don't have much money to work with but can get help from family for the shipping as long as its not very expensive. I have access to a family members machine but it...
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    G1244E and DF508

    I was wondering if there was anyone else out there with these mutations.
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    Before I was diagnosed with CF I was diagnosed with CRMS because I also have this mutation along with 2 mutations that cause CF. But before they sound the G1244E mutation I only had the DF508 and The mutation that you are asking about.