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    FEV1 Testing Concerns

    I don't know. I've never thought of that! That's a grwat question. One that I will ask at my next clinic appointment...
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    hemoptysis caused by zithromax?

    I was taking Zitrhomax 500 mgs once a day for over a year and I never had any bleeding at all. I hope this helps ease your mind, but then again, everyone is different and has different reactions to medication. I hope it gets better soon......
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    Moving to Hawaii

    I live in Fort Myers FL right near the beach. I moved down here from Vermont 3 1/2 years ago and it's been wonderful. My last 3 years in Vermont I was in the Hospital every 3 months like clock work and the years before at lest 3 times. I moved to FL because of the salt water air and it being...
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    Yes, I had RSV 2 Christmas's ago. There was nothing they could do for it, I just had to let it run it's course. Just be very diligent with Nebs and treatments. The only thing I was put on for it was Nebulized Albuterol instead of the puffer that I usually do. I was doing treatments 4 times a day...
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    Rude Staff

    I am one of the most polite people ever and when staff is rude to me, it's their first and last time, I don't put up with it. There has been many times staff has come flying in my room with an attitude. As far as dirty nebulizers in the rooms, yes, happens all the time. The cleaning people...