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    There must be a way to strengthen the immune system?

    People with CF are generally more prone to sinus and lung infections. If he is only 4, with sinus problems keeping him from others who are sick is a good idea. In the winter months all kids in grades preschool - 12 will give each other respiratory bugs. It is worse in younger kids, grades...
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    Night oxygen or CPAP

    Hello I tried a cpap and a bipap, the bipap works great for me. I have energy every day now. :) I use the bipap with my oxygen at night. The bi-pap can be humidified and, it has a higher pressure when you breathe in and a lower pressure when you breathe out. Insurance companies usually give...
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    lung function has dropped seriously

    Pulmozyme and hypertonic saline I am a 53 year old adult with CF, I was diagnosed in my 30's. I do nebs with Pulmozyme, twice a day and; hypertonic saline two to four times a day. I do cough up lots of junk after doing these nebulizer treatments. I would think that the increase in his cough...
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    What to do with unused meds

    DO you still have these items? Hello Matt, My doctor wants me to be on Cayson and to be using the Alterna nebulizer system. My insurance refuses to cover it. So, if you still have the Alterna and the Alterna hand sets and, the Cayson I could really use them. I live in America and our health...
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    New, Like to talk to people

    Enzymes, Albuterol & Xopenex Hello Natasha, Welcome and congratulations on your engagement!! What an exciting time in your life!!! I'm an adult with CF, 3 teenage kids (adopted) and a great hubby. :) I read about your problems with the Creon. I do understand how tough it can be to...
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    Advice for loss

    I would talk to him about prayer and heaven. I would explain to him what happens when people pass away(according to the Bible or, whatever religion you follow.) I am a Christian adult w/cf. I know people all have different ways they cope with someone passing away and with chronic illness. I...
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    Test Result

    Hello Justin's mom, CF can be mild in some people and more severe in others. I'm and adult who had URI's, bronchitis, and poor weight gain..all of my childhood. No one ever looked for CF. I got diagnosed when I was 30. By then the damage had already been done to my lungs, sinuses etc. I take...
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    Help! I need a diagnosis-

    Diagnosis of CF Ok if her sweat test was 60 its positive for CF. The doctor from Arkansas Childrens Pulmonology Dept. should be willing to send her blood off the Ambry Genetics in Ca. for a complete gene sequencing. They conduct the most comprehensive DNA analysis for CF in the world right...
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    Wednesday Night Chat !

    Hello all, I'm new to this site. Can you tell me how to access the Wed. night chat? Thanks, Sue, adult w/cf
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    Medicare not paying for Respiratory stuff..

    Hi Annie, I would check with diffeent medical supply/homecare companies. A basic Nebulizer costs around 100 bucks. You may be able to buy one thru a homecare co. I would also suggest having you doc do an overnight pulse ox, to see if you can qualify for overnight 02.