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  1. J

    spirometry a BIG Learning Curve!

    Thank you for posting this. Wife of a 49 yr old CFer
  2. J

    RIP Richard Weiss

    So sorry to hear of his passing.
  3. J

    Shoulder problems

    Did the surgery help? What did they diagnose with your shoulder pain? My husband has a lot of shoulder pain and they said it was frozen shoulder. The vest definitely made it worse and he has/had winging of the scapula.
  4. J

    Does Anyone Have Shoulder Pain, "Frozen Shoulder" Especially With Winging?

    I had pain that wouldn't go away, was not helped by meds and very limited range of motion. It became very difficult to dress/undress, raise my arm, etc and I had "winging" of the scapula. Does anyone else have severe shoulder pain with limited range of motion, been told they have frozen...