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    Gene f508 and r117h ~7t

    My daughter has these mutations also. She's 11. Wasn't discovered until she was about 9. They didn't have newborn screening when my children were born. She sees her doctor once a year, as long as she's doing fine. Fortunately, she doesn't have many symptoms and had a normal sweat test.
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    CRMS diagnosis in child

    My daughter does. She has 2 mutations but a negative sweat test.
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    F508 Delta and R117H .... CFRMS or Cystic Fibrosis Related Metabolic Syndrome

    No, the first time I noticed her hands, my heart sank. It's more than wrinkling. It was so bad, I took pictures of it and showed our family doctor. When my children were born, my state hadn't started testing for CF.
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    F508 Delta and R117H .... CFRMS or Cystic Fibrosis Related Metabolic Syndrome

    My daughter has the above combination also. She (knock on wood) has been healthy. She is diagnosed as CRMS too. Her only symptom was Aquagenic Wrinkling of the Hands. She just turned 10 in May.
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    F508del and R117H in our newborn

    Hi, all! My daughter has the same mutations. She is CRMS also. She will be 10 in May. The only symptom she has ever had, which is why I had her tested, is her hands get extremely wrinkled in the pool. It's been about a year since we realized there was a link. Our state didn't test for CF when...
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    Which children's hospital

    I was wondering if anyone could give their opinion regarding which hospital to seek treatment? The children's hospital in Chicago is about an hour and twenty minutes from our house or Riley's children's hospital in Indy which is two and a half hours away. Has anyone had any experience at...