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    What does yoga do for you?

    I also doing yoga everyday for reducing stress. So many types of yoga like: Ashtanga and Power Yoga. After doing yoga you can Avoiding form stress. Stress is so much bad for health. So yoga so much important in our life.
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    Managing Stress and Taking Care of yourself

    I think we can make our weekly plan in the starting of week according to your lifestyle. Then we can manage stress easily like: make a schedule of morning walk, eat food on the time, minimum 8 hour working in your office, play games and share your feeling with your friends.
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    Managing Stress and Taking Care of yourself

    Firstly every week make a time schudle according to your most important task. Some people can work better in the morning and more facused in the evening so now you can decide according to you and you can play a game with yourself against of clock.
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    Stress Management

    After reading your post, i feel some relax. I think to avoid from stress time management is so much important like you are asking a glass of water. Your post helpful for me avoid from stress and anxiety. But firstly one other thing is very important that how you make a time schedule in your life...