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    Pertzye contains sodium bicarbonate to help with absorption. It's usually prescribed, when the others enzymes don't yield weight gain. We used it on my daughter and saw fabulous results.
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    not gaining weight at 1 yr

    Wait,, what????
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    not gaining weight at 1 yr

    I sent you my phone number in a private message. I am working on a cf cookbook and would be happy to share
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    Correction 2000 cAlories. Not quite sure how I put a 4 in there??? Must've dragged my finger. Sorry
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    Pack more calories/ nutrition into what you already eat ! I would love it of you Pm'd me a daily food log and I could tweak it. Right now my two year old eats about 2400 calories a day and we all know how picky they can be. I can't control how many bites she'll take, but I can make each bite...
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    Picky eater and fighting 3 year old

    I'm a little late to the game, but thought I'd chime in . My daughter is 2 and she loves the food . We do eggs with heavy whipping cream and cheese, with a side of grapes rolled in hemp hearts and coconut oil and yogurt with chia , cocoa and flax seeds for breakfast. For lunch she likes...
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    Suggested feeding schedules-6 month old

    Pm me if u want. I had a ton of delicious , HEALTHY baby food recipes for CFers. I did a ton of research with a nutritionist ( not the dietician in the clinic)
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    At what age did your kiddos start culturing bad stuff!!

    @jmiller1- thanks so much. I just haven't figured out whether all newborns and babies are healthy or we are extremely lucky....... Knock on wood. We have had zero issues so far and Rowan will be celebrating her first birthday in a few weeks. Literally. ZERO , we came home from the hospital day...
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    DeltaF508 and E60x?

    War are your sons major issues if u don't mind my asking
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    DeltaF508 and E60x?

    Anyone else with the combo!
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    Coconut Oil - No Enzymes Required!

    We use coconut oil all the time. Rowan dips her banana in it. And if you blend it with fresh pineapple and refrigerate it , it makes a tropical pudding!! So yummy . Also you can mix it with salted butter to use as a spread. On a side note , coconut oil is a natural wood cleaner, moisturizer and...
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    On having one child

    I will chime in although my situation is a little different ! I have 3 children 5,4 and 1( crazy I know) my one year old has CF so we had no idea we were carriers. We had the older two sweat tested just to be sure even though they were newborn screened and the came back good! Rowan is actually...
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    At what age did your kiddos start culturing bad stuff!!

    I know there are milder cases and severe cases but are newborns and babies sick as well or just as it progresses and u get older
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    What else could go wrong

    My mother had fundiplication surgery for acid reflux and it came with some major hiccups so to speak.
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    Weight Gain

    Shop your local natural food store for TAHINI! It's just a big word for ground sesame seeds. That's the only ingredient ! Tastes kinda like peanut butter, but 0 sugar and WAY more fat. I make my daughters hummus with it for veggie dip. I make smoothies with it too. Life is about finding a...
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    Avoid hotels unless you want to run the risk of catching MRSA found in all hotels.

    Well that depends on where you stay . I worked for a 5 star 5 diamond hotel for 8 years. Super clean and disinfected. You get wat u pay for
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    At what age did your kiddos start culturing bad stuff!!

    Taking Poll of patents who let their kids do whatever regardless Of CF ( lakes , Bon fires, gardening etc) and who says no
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    g tube question

    Feedings!!! Not feelings
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    g tube question

    Been In your shoes. I did a lot of research and g tube aren't even a guaranteed weight booster. Pregestimil formula is amazing at adding weight . I pumped and mixed it with breast milk. Boob juice is 20 calories / ounce, with the pregestimil I could make each ounce 28 calories. Times tha by her...
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    Carriers symptoms..?

    Yes he was tested at Phoenix children's hospital, they have an awesome cf center where my one year old goes. He has been sweat tested twice with single digit number results! Again, he has no bathroom issues, no allergies, no health issues other than he's skinny. Our pediatrician is VERY familia...