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    Severe Sinus Pain Attacks= Migraines?

    I on a blue moon, get bad sinus attacks, where my head gets full of pressure, my neck hurts and my front checks and forehead, as well as the front of my eyebrows and my front head really hurt . I don't get nausea or vertigo, but I get a sensitive to light and espically noise. I get so tried I...
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    Constant sinus drainage-need advice

    Instead of using just a neti pot or simple sinus pot rinse, I used a sinus rinse machine, I have found it to be very effective in keeping my sinuses clear when done constant basis, whereas the net pot the solution just sits in the nose and ears. The sinus rinse machine pulses through the sinus...
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    Glucose Meters

    I have had CFRD for about 8 years now, I started my first year on shots, and then moved to an insulin pump, and have been ever since. You really have to be educated and know what your doing with insulin in general, as well as the pump. The very basics is you match up food to insulin. You must...
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    Ever set off a smoke alarm while doing treatments?

    Hahah! Oh my, never heard of that one before! (NEB) I have been on cruise ships plenty of times, but never had that issue. My problem is always power cords, or trying to plug in without tripping and throwing myself overboard in the process because the rooms can be small. If your stateroom has a...
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    Staph problems

    Good luck, I sent you a PM, The treatment is hard, but you will feel better, I have been doing it for 13 months therapy, and this is my last month 14 total months of ALOT of pills, I will be glad to FINALLY take a break and the side effects. :)
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    How do I fix bloating and looking like I'm a pregnant guy?

    Personally, you/ it don't look that bad (FART2) I have it much WORSE then you! Consider yourself lucky, I have 2 LARGE scars on my abdominal, it just looks beyond BAD. I gotta suck it in to. Try be sure your enzymes doses are good, and don't eat a lot of unnecessary JUNK fat. Try doing...
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    CF Gas...WHY?

    I too had ( have) the same issues,. 50% of it is to do with your enzymes doses and how food is affecting you, and the other 50% is antibiotic use trashing the flora in our gut. I stay away from heavy meats, high fat foods, no fast food, only little pizza/ only a little at a time! But...
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    I'm a little confused with what happens when I don't take my pills

    Well, to answer your question directly, Yes, you will not absorb those calories , you will not absorb your fat and protein, but you will probably absorb some of the carbs from the pudding, but at the expensive of extreme pain, bathroom problems, and malnutrition, and stupidity.
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    If I were to do a high protein/fat crash diet, would that be ok?

    Fad diets, yo-yo dieting, crash diets, anything in a pill, is terrible for anyone WITH-OUT cf, and a would be a disaster for a person with CF. 1200 calories for a person with CF is not enough by a long shot, and low even for a normal person. If your one of the lucky over weight CFers, I...
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    balking at higher salt dose

    Just to say, I'm a salt freak. It really keeps my hydrated and makes me feel better, believe it or not. I am very liberal with salt, sprinkle it on everything, pretzels, cheese, anything. I drink Gatorade when I work out and take a couple salt tablets to. So obviously I lose alot of salt...
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    balking at higher salt dose

    Why don't you split the salt dose in has applesauce? Little in the morning, afternoon and night,. Try give him salty snacks, little salt crackers or cheese slices sprinkle with salt, provided he can chew it ok. Just make it a little game, add some to his milk/ juice, You eat some salt and let...
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    balking at higher salt dose

    "I promise to do some due diligence on my opinion that CFers need just the same amount of salt as the average healthy Joe" "Way above all electrolytes is WATER, people just aren’t paying attention to the amount of water we need. Salt makes you need more water." Electrolytes are mineral...
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    NOT Too Young for Lungs!! Sarah Murnaghan needs our help NOW

    I have signed ! Thank you for posting this and rising awareness.
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    Who will join me in supporting Sarah Murnaghan?

    I signed the petition, I hope this poor baby gets her lungs, this is what happens when government and absurd SOCIALISTIC policies take over and the public has no say. I heard of a case of one child who couldn't get Kalydeco because she was only 2 years younger then the prescribed recommended...
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    Life After College, trying to find positive support

    I sent you PM baco, let me know if you get it.
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    No, i'm not,- obviously I know and others here it will not "cure" CF, but the CFTR will function/ be placed much better, and halt further damage, will slowly over time improve your well being, and as you put it STABLE you. How can you say that won't do much for a CFer ?! I think your the one...
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    I am confident LUMACRAFTOR is going to be the win for the glory here for us DELTA F508er's . Please everyone EXERCISE, DO YOUR TREATMENT ROUTINE consistently, EAT well and plenty GO OUT RUN the best you can! And lets finish this freaking 30 year long race! We are close........ " I can climb...
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    Waking Up in the Morning and CF

    I will need to try your tip number #2, I need to be more consistent with running, I have been concentrating too much on the weights deparment lately, but running is the magic formula. Thank you welshwitch.
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    Staph problems

    I would definitely start looking into treating that MAC NOW, I like you, have always culture STAPH for years, with usually geting every 6-8 months 'staph flare ups", they would just result in more green/yellow mucus like you WITHOUT fevers, I would feel fine, just very junky crap. I call and...
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    strangers touching your baby

    I gotta LOL! My poor mom was ALWAYS telling people to NOT touch me when I a little baby to! But its gonna happen, you could try put a lite screen or something on the stroller, or just be BLUNT but kind.